: The Kagero Diary (Michigan Monograph Series in Japanese Studies) (): Sonja Arntzen: Books. At the outset of the Kagero Nikki, Michitsuna no Haha states her purpose in writing her journal. I have included the McCullough translation of the opening. The Kagero¯ Diary commands our attention as the first extant work of that rich and brilliant tradition. The author, known to posterity as Michitsuna’s Mother.

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Secondly, presumably more importantly, a pilgrimage means prayer — if one can pray. It’s a good thing you’re not like her, he says to his new lover. It paints a good picture of Heian court life from a first person perspective. This is an actual diary from a noblewoman during the Heian period of Japan. It is likely that Fujiwara no Kaneieher husband, asked the Mother of Michitsuna iagero create such a collection for their family. The diary was interesting, dense and with a lot lagero things going on.

A pilgrimage means, first of all, travel, kaero change of scene. Open Preview See a Problem? Fujiwara Kaneie had eight wives and numerous concubines and mistresses. The author, identified only as Michitsuna’s Mother Michitsuna being the author’s sonis recognized as a talented and artistic writer and poet. The Gossamer YearsCharles E. Her life wasn’t all that exciting as she frequently let us know and her marriage was crumbling dkary her husband, “the Prince” was an awful person.

So this belongs to the same period as the celebrated Tale of Genji The author embarks on several. The Mother of Michitsuna is credited with creating “a new form of self-expression and psychological exploration that expanded the potential of kana prose writing and influenced subsequent woman’s writing, including Kaggero Tale of Genji.

Mar 04, Kate rated it really liked it.

The Kagero Diary: A Woman’s Autobiographical Text from Tenth-century… Summary & Study Guide

I guess it’s formality and I would guess it’s rooted in the collectivist attitude that maybe comes from Shinot in which a person is constantly worrying about not angering the gods else they will be cursed with misfortune though I’m sure someone out there will argue that with me Jean rated it liked it Shelves: Read more from the Study Guide.


They’re like Shakespearian insults but haiku style which I found hilarious. Fuji did smolder with its clouds of smoke one thousand years ago, No. Or would she have?

My men, tired from the long walk, had found some odd-looking limes and pears and were eating them happily. Books by Michitsuna no Haha. Nobody seems very happy. She tells her father that diart is not suitable for her but despite her reservations, the man is determined to win her over.

Shonagon lived at the court with the Empress and didn’t seem to venture much into the real world, this woman l Not as amusing as The Pillow Book, but not bad in any kageeo, it’s worth reading.

If you’re not sure how to activate it, please refer to this site: This is an nice book and This is basically a diary of the collapse of the authors marriage. Rituals, festivals, and temple visits. She seemed fairly skilled in her wording. The Heian taste for self-pity, also a feature of The Tale of Genji, is somewhat hard to take, but seems to be part of the aesthetic package. Anyway, some of the poem interactions are also really amusing. It was written in the ‘s in a world quite different from ours by not the most likeable of persons – but what she lacks in likeability she makes up for in personality.

Seidensticker provides us with a great many footnotes and background information in the introductionbut he very often says that he isnot sure about the translation Japanese is a very difficult languageso the story might be completely different from the one rendered here!

For example, in one entry she writes “that ‘splendid’ personage of Machi Alley” when referring to the woman with whom Kaneie is having an affair. But it is not to be helped as the saying goesand the author is trapped in a life for which she sees no escape and makes no attempt to hide that from her journal. The first installment was published on Jan.

It is amazing to think that it was written as long ago as kzgero I think I’d like to read a more recent translation of this to see if my opinion changes. The main theme of the diary is the failing relationship of the writer and her husband.

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She delivers a not so thinly veiled threat to her husband that if he does not take proper care of their son should she die first that she will avenge him from the grave. The foreword is very dry, technical literary information, that does not elucidate the text enough for someone not diiary with the kageeo and the writing.

The Mother of Michitsuna was known for her skill in wakaclassical thirty-one-syllable poems, as indicated by the inclusion of some of her poems in Fujiwara no Teika’s anthology Ogura Hyakunin Isshu or One Hundred Poets, One Hundred Poemsc.

Inat the age of nineteen, she married Fujiwara no Kaneiewho had recently attained the position of captain of the Right Guards. A Woman’s Autobiographical Text from Tenth-century Jul 25, B. At first thing seemed to be going well, but her husband visited less and less, and was seen in the company of other women more and more, and perhaps her initial wish to not marry was for the best.

The Gossamer Years: The Diary of a Noblewoman of Heian Japan by Michitsuna no Haha

They go on pilgrimages. Although Fujiwara never changes and becomes the husband she dreamed of as a young woman, she has come to accept him and focuses her attention on her children, her spiritual life and her community. This review will consist of two parts, a response to the actual material and the work of the translator. Three stars because it’s not an The diary was interesting, dense and with a lot of things going on. The book itself is the diary of the noblewoman known as ‘mother of Michitsuna and her relationship to Kaneie who is refered to as ‘The Prince’.

Aug 23, Brian rated it really liked it Shelves: