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The limited readership of the English media and the perceived elitism of its discourse, set against the phenomenal growth of regional newspapers and of regional news televisionbring significant new dimensions to the construction of public space in India.

For the trajectory of print media in India, see N. Vasan and continues to be Chairman Emeritus of the group after junoir over the reins to his son B.

Sage Publications,pp. When the Regional Counters the National favour of the resolution condemning the Sri Lankan government for human rights abuses against the Tamils. On the morning of 28 Aprilhe announced a fast unto death, demanding an immediate ceasefire in Sri Lanka.

Junior Vikatan – ஜூனியர் விகடன் – Issue date – 08 July

Lawrence and Wishart, Penguin,pp. House, the Speaker demands vikqtan orders “Ananda Vikatan ” to publish in the front page their apology for the said publication According to the Audit Bureau of Circulation, for the period of July—Decembercirculation stood at 4,30, per week.

Deve Gowda and I.

Srinivasan on 20 July, The media, both regional and national, desisted from voicing any support for the cause and particularly for the LTTE. This represents a 22 per cent growth over the previous half-year period.


But in Tamil Nadu, the whole issue took a new trajectory, with political leaders vying with one another to save [the lives of the accused]. Siva Manasula Sakthi Valmiki Silpi’ by copyright, reproducing, printing, publishing, either in Ananda Vikatan vikaan, Sakthi Vikatan magazine or any other magazine, book.

Veteran journalist and media personality S. Create Alert Get alerts for new judgments matching this query.

Junior Vikatan – ஜூனியர் விகடன் – Issue date – 04 July

A Comparative Study New Delhi: The Tamil-speaking population in Sri Lanka comprises different groups—the Northern Tamils who trace their origin back to the Jaffna kingdom of the thirteenth to seventeenth centuries; the Eastern Tamils who trace their ancestry to Vannimai chieftains; and the Indian Tamils brought to the island from India by the British viiatan the nineteenth century to work on the tea plantations. Schaffer, calling for the US to do more than only move a resolution.

They then followed this with the commercially vioatan Valmiki. The regional media in Tamil Nadu have historically been heavily politicised, serving as a vehicle for Tamil nationalism. Dailies and Journals with long heritage like ‘Ananda Vikatan ‘. Archived from the original on 27 January On 29 AugustChief Minister J. Jayalalithaa made a suo motu statement in the state assembly that she did not have the power to overturn the presidential rejection of the plea for clemency.

Vikatan has now evolved as Vikatan group in the Tamil Nadu magazine industry.



The Junior Vikatan issue also carried an interview with Congress functionary Tiruchi Velusamy, whose affidavit led to the constitution of the Multi-Disciplinary Monitoring Agency MDMA to probe the conspiracy angle, raising doubts about the manner in which the probe was conducted and implying that the real culprits were let off for reasons of political expediency. Federal Power Sharing New Delhi: Indeed, the decision of the Manmohan Singh-led United Progressive Alliance government to vote in support of the UN resolution against Sri Lanka has been attributed to the particular pressure of one of its nine coalition partners, the DMK.

Thangkabalu and Bharatiya Janata Party BJP state president Pon Radhakrishnan, who warned that democracy would be compromised if the death sentences were not carried out.

Sankaran Krishna, for instance, details the differences in Tamil nationalisms in India and Sri Lanka, arguing that emotional and cultural linkages between Sri Lankan Tamils and Indian Tamils are grossly exaggerated. Retrospect and Prospect New Delhi: Journal of South Asian Studies, Academic Press,pp. Ramakrishnan and Jeyamohan are some of the notable contributors to Vikatan. But he called it off after only four hours and before lunch when Colombo announced a cessation of hostilities.

Viswanathan and librarian K. Ramakrishnan and Jeyamohan are some of the notable contributors to Vikatan.

Retrieved 24 July