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Los buques suicidantes Lot No. The bad thing is that although the hand looking for the edge of the wool touches the back, it would seem that the sweater has remained completely bunched up around the collar area and the only thing his hand encounters is the increasingly wrinkled shirt, still stuck in part in his pants. Corrazar site uses cookies. Reviews, essays, and translations.

No se culpe a nadie – Journal –

Perhaps his right hand was indeed caught in the collar of the sweater, and for this reason what he believed to be the collar is pressing down on his face thus, suffocating him more and more each time, whereas his hand was able to come out easily. Perhaps he has fallen to his knees and is sitting there as if hung from his left hand which is drawn from the sweater one more time. Notify me of new comments via email. Unless, instead of helping it, it were biting it because all of a sudden the imprisoned hand hurts and the other hand is pressing down with all its might in this endeavor, which must be his hand and which hurts, hurts to the point that he gives up trying to remove the sweater, preferring to make one last effort to get his head out of the collar and the left rat out of the cage.

The English translation by Stephen Kessler is as precise as I have seen. Language is the way we stay human and writing is the most intimate use of language we can try. If this were so his hand would have to come out easily; yet he still pulls with all his might and cannot advance either one of his hands.

You can read the original here.

And he does not want to open his eyes and waits a second, two seconds, and lets himself live in a cold and different time, the time of being outside of the sweater. And suddenly it is cold in his eyebrows and his forehead, in his eyes. Francis of Assisi St. Deeblog book reviews, film reviews, translations, essays.

Cotazar a New Comment Enter your information below to add a corrazar comment. He finds it difficult regardless to pass his arm through, with his hand advancing little by little until at the end a finger emerges from the blue wool fist.


He whistles a tango perfunctorily as he moves away from the open window, then looks for a sweater in the wardrobe and begins to put it on in front of the mirror. A work “No one is to blame” culpf this Argentine. He chooses to stop even though his right hand keeps coming and going without engaging the sweater, even though his left hand hurts more and more every time as cortaazar his fingers were bitten off or burnt.

Don’t Blame Anyone.-

On the contrary, it seemed like his head is about to make its way out because the blue wool is pressing against his nose and mouth with almost irritating force, suffocating him more than he could have ever imagined and obliging him to breathe deeply while the wool gets moist against his mouth it will probably fade and end up staining his face in blue. In any case, to be sure of it, the only thing he can do is to keep making his way, taking deep breaths and letting the air escape little by little, even if it were absurd because nothing is impeding him from breathing perfectly apart from the fact that the air he swallows is mixed with wool particles from the collar or the sleeve of the sweater.

Writing, to me seems to come from a place in between worlds, from somewhere in between our two brains. As such, the distance between the collar and one of the sleeves is exactly half of the distance between one sleeve and the other, and this explains why he may have his head a bit tilted to the left, the side where his hand is still prisoner in the sleeve, if this is in n the sleeve; and, in contrast, his right hand, which is already out, moves with full freedom in the air even if it may not be able to get the sweater down which is still ndaie up on top of his body.

A life of social norms and standards that he cannot nadid into and the more he tries, the more he has trouble breathing. No matter how hard he pulls, nothing comes out, and he realizes that perhaps he made a culpd owing to the ironic anger with which he resumed the task, and that he was stupid enough to have placed his head in one of the sleeves and a hand through the collar of the sweater.


The hand can create and protect or it can destroy and attack. References will be subject to editor approval before appearing. June 1, deeblog.

The sweater must have barely gotten over the two shoulders and here may be rolled up and cuulpe as if the shoulders were too narrow for this sweater, which proves without any doubt that he really did make a mistake and place a hand in the collar and the other hand in a sleeve.

The silence from the reader will do the rest. Your reference will not appear until it has been cleared by a website editor. He is certain that his wet mouth is being enveloped in blue, then his nostrils, then his cheeks. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Ripley film The Talented Mr.

It seems absurd to carry on whistling in the sudden blue darkness enveloping him, and it begins to feel hot. Scholars say that the sweater represents his life.

He tries the other hand through the sleeve, which also gets stuck and then the head through the other hole. He puts on the sweater, one arm first, but he has trouble forcing the arm through cottazar sleeve.

And yet he has lost his orientation after having screamed so many times in this type of euphoric gymnastics which always begins with finding a piece of clothing.

He starts the action of putting on the sweater again, but again his culpr gets stuck along the sleeve. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Categories and months of Deeblog.

With one tug the sweater sleeve is pulled off and he looks at his hand as if it were not his. We are all inside a blue sweater at one point of our lives, struggling to sr out and seeing ourselves from the outside, not liking what we see.

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