The story centred around Janos “Juan” Moricz, an aristocratic Argentinian- Hungarian entrepreneur who claimed that he had discovered a series of tunnels in. Juan Moricz believed that history lacks global vision; that, after the Deluge, the so -called New World of the Americas became the mother of civilization and that. It was in that Stan Hall, guided by the Ecuadorian explorer Juan Moricz, organized an expedition to survey the entire cave system of.

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One of the morivz extensive information on the Caves of the Tayos, comes from the book written by Father Porras, an archaeologist well-known throughout all of Ecuador: Crespi, the then guardian of the so-called Crespi collection of strange artefacts.

You are commenting using your WordPress. But there were an awful lot of Jaramillos in Quito. At present some of these artefacts are stored in the church of Maria Auxiliadora in Cuenca.

Tayos Gold Library – Magyars & Moricz

There is gold everywhere; the roads are quite literally paved with it. First of all what is he talking about in this quotation?

In the s there were a few news that some Hungarian engineers working in South America could speak in Hungarian with some native tribes in Peru, Ecuador and the Amazonas Mooricz of the Hungarian immigrants decided to investigate the news. The chamber was later dated to BC, and it was believed that at the time of the summer solstice the sun illuminated this tomb. Let us meditate in you, who lives far away from the waters, who comes with the clouds juwn who possess sharp claws.

Inside, controversial explorers like Juan Moricz, Erick von Daniken, or priests as Carlos Crespi had found, in his stories, pictures of stone and gold with engraved ideographs. The working of minds then was different, a difficulty that can only be bridged if we become familiar with the belief systems of the ages BC.

How they were transported and lifted to the top of the temples. After a few meters, a long upward stairway goes toward a new main, horizontal, extremely narrow passageway approximately over a meter and a half tall, that advances in a spiral. Egyptologists read only the newer hieroglyphic texts but they are unable to deduce with certainty the nature of the accompanying vowels or how the text should be broken into words. Our only recourse is that we establish what sound-values some of the words had in Greek times, as far as this is possible.


The Quest For The Metal Library

However, it was in that the expedition had a major setback. This expedition consisted of speleologists equipped juah all the juwn technical support. It was also believed that extra-terrestrial creatures live in these caves.

The Magyar language was banned in schools during the Habsburg regime 15th — 20th Century. Although no metallic books were discovered Hall proceeded to publish his book, which claims to link the undiscovered books with Atlantis. He died in Februarytaking his secret with him to the grave. Views Read Edit View history.

He engaged in free research from within the framework of the Niels Stensen Foundation. I preferred the stance of the same Moricz, when I asked what would happen if he died before he could give the world the message that had been brought from the interior of the caves: The ceilings are flat and at times look as if they were covered with a kind of glaze… My doubts about the existence of the underground tunnels vanished as if by magic and I felt tremendously happy. Soon after, the tunnel narrows even more, continuing down, it is necessary to continue by crawling.

However, while I fully accept that most of the objects are fakes, omricz are a few that are more difficult to explain. The revolutionary invention of the wheel. Sumerologist specialised in the cultural exchange between America and Mesopotamia.

Still, Jaramillo stated that he had left his initials in these seven books so that, if the library were ever discovered, it could be proved that it was he who had entered it. London, – p. A leading authority on Malaysia, Polynesia, etc. Bythe story had killed the career of one notorious author, so who would dare to tread in his footsteps? We thus have to conclude first that the founders of the first high culture on earth, the Sumerians, originated in Transylvania and second that Sumerians emigrated in several waves back to the Carpathian basin.


There are explorers who organize expeditions of a lifetime to experience what he lived daily. While in Ecuador, Hall met Fr.

Cueva de los Tayos – Wikipedia

With the help of skilled Shuar, we had a log structure that would serve as support for the string of descent. And its effects were multiplied when he had finished the translation of the plate that, in summary, came to say: The local Indians who allegedly found them in subterranean caves brought these goods to him. These languages matched exactly the territories where Hungar-Magyar peoples represented the culture-bearing population.

After a long hour of slow ascension, the tunnel turns to the Southeast and now moficz in a very steeper slope. Sir Wallis Budge affirms that the pronunciation of a great number of words, mostly verbs, cannot be ascertained.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The human skull that challenges the Out of Africa theory. At the end of the same one, an extremely dangerous slope that ends in a new grotto that harbors a small lake about 40 meters wide. Nehring, a German scholar, who remarked as early as Vowels have to be added according to the spirit of the language.

The Cave of the Tayos

In the rock wall, behind each seat, a rectangular opening. Since it is difficult to transcribe the ancient Eastern texts into today’s alphabets few are willing to try.

Many years professor of History and Geography at the Sorbonne, Paris.