Registered User. Age: 25; Posts: 2,; Rep Power: DontNegImPreggo is just really nice. (+). JTF2 Fitness Standards, What do you. So much secrecy behind the jtf2. Was it actual members that shows up? I’m asking since I believe it to be illegal to disclose their identity. DND JTF2 Physical Fitness Selection Test Reporting. CANFORGEN / 14 Joint Task Force two (JTF2) Selection for Special Operations.

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I know who you’re talking about, and she was in a support role, not an assaulter. Consequently, there are three recognised pathways to become a member of the JTF 2: General Requirements for all candidates: Im pretty sure they used to, and I think it used to be 35 or 38 max.

I’d imagine being successful in the fitness portion would jff2 the applicant would have to score well above By ImHuge07 in forum Misc. But on the bench I’m nowhere even close. Performing effectively at height; Water confidence; Confined spaces; Individual and teamwork tasks; Psychological profile.

The training requires far greater expenditure of physical energy than is normally required in other peace time training. Could only get lbs 75 KG for about 4 or 5 reps. Members are selected from those who volunteer and those personnel worlout and recommended by commanding officers and career managers for service in JTF 2.

JTF2 Fitness Requirements – Imgur

When I was in the infantry they would come do physical tests, just passing this meant very little. But keep in mind that these are just a base to wodkout off of.

Behind the fastest man ever in the country to run that distance. Not everyone is a door kicker. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Any CF member can apply to go for selection – clerks, cooks, pilots, anyone. You can’t jt2 apply for jtf2 before your After this test, those that get picked up go on selection. After that I’m pretty tired, though.


JTF2 Fitness Requirements

Canadian Perspectives on Special Operations Itf2. Is this a weighted run? Most people really don’t know much, if anything, about JTF2.

I don’t think our elite soldiers get as much love as our American friends seals, rangers etc but that’s how we tend to operate as Canadians. The operations squadron; One of the multiple sabre worklut with multiple troops ; The combat support squadron; The combat service support squadron; or The training squadron.

Combat and detain another person using blocking strikes; Disarming; Lifting; Pulling; Ground fighting; Grappling; and Moving a non-compliant person. But I was super happy he was on our side. The aim workoutt this article is to describe the fundamental entry requirements, selection process and training for personnel seeking to become a member of the Canadian Joint Task Force Two.

Upon successful completion of the Special Operations Assaulter Course, the candidate will officially become one of the approximately members of JTF 2. As long as you can lift a decent amount, you’ll have enough points to not even need to be able to run.

Be parachute-trained or willing to undertake parachute training. I clicked the wrong message to reply to! Bytotal manpower was approximately personnel Day,and comprised of:. Pre-Selection Physical Fitness Worjout.

Results 1 to 26 of Detailed rules can be found here.

I could totally take anyone from JTF2, I say, hiding behind the anonymity of the internet because I am breathing hard just reading this list. Candidates will receive their tan beret and join based on their category: The skills all come later and I’d say most focused people can learn them but it’s about being able to carry lbs of kit over brutal terrain with major sleep deprivation, no food and in all the elements nature can throw at you.


JTF 2 training seeks to attract determined, highly-motivated, intelligent, reliable and physically fit individuals to serve with the Canadian Joint Task Force Two. I’ll add that a few years into his time in the JTF2 he was posted to base I was at as an instructor in the urban ops cell, I’d see him at the gym and you wouldn’t believe the painful workout he put himself through.

JTF2 Fitness Standards, What do you think misc? – Forums

If you want max score, here’s what you workoout to get on the pre-selection fitness test: Thank you for your understanding. The Maturation of a National Capability.

I wouldn’t want it any other way for a hard job like that. They probably got rid of it because of attrition rates being high. Pretty sure they are super secret and he shouldn’t be saying he is in JTF2 if he is and so he probably isn’t or you are making it up.

I highly doubt there will ever be a female assaulter. It may be possible that once in selection if you can’t swim X metres under Y time you get washed. It becomes all about the mental toughness. Though if you just barely pass they’d likely put that into consideration when they’re deciding who to hire.

Log in or sign up in seconds. I’m in Australia right now and the weights are in kg which is slightly annoying since I really like the idea of a 45lbs plate instead of 44lbs. So training yourself to get to score in the the low teens in this part isn’t terribly difficult.