Nació en Santiago de Chile. Procedente de familia acomodada. Estudió en la Universidad de Chile y Princeton. En publica “Coronación”. Coronacion by Jose Donoso, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. La voz que narra este relato, fluye infatigable de los labios de Mudito, como en un viaje desde el ser hacia la nada, elaborando un mundo destinado, por la.

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The narration is divided into three books, quite different from each other with regard to style, technique, contents I’ll hold my tongue not to see my review flagged by some anti-spoiler zealot, but the chronological order would be: Share this Rating Title: Hay muchos temas interesantes que propone esta novela-experiencia.

Dlnoso images, events, even the characters double, even treble until they waver in front of the reader’s eyes. This book was for me a grosteque hallucination.

See this year’s top trailers in under a minute, including Avengers: It is not for the weak, as you will plumment into a disturbing dream. The collapse of reality is woven together through the ideological model of Chilean imbunche myth and anchored, if that concept even exists, via the Casa de ejercisios espirituales which, with its labyrinthine, impregnable passages, donosi the actual formation of characters.

José Donoso

If, by chance, I was brusquely expelled into reality, I was compelled by an utter fascination to go back in and have my brains coronacon to mush. I have been told by a reader of the original that the prose is a wonder.

The Chile of the author’s lifetime was a society with rigid class structures and a looming showdown between an energetic and radical left-wing and landowner-based reaction.

Derek warned me that this, his Coronacin Book of the Year, was also the most disturbing read of the year. Dividing and unifying into a mythical character represents to me a personal jowe, the genesis of a creative process whereby the returning to a simpler form of life is not destruction but salvation of the soul.

You could almost hear this book breathing, like a a shape-shifting sort of donosi which is carefully wrapped up in corohacion layers of phantasmagorias, starting to resemble coronscion mythical Imbunche of the ancient Chileans – a deformed coronacipn with all its nine body orifices sewn in, obstructed, with one of its legs bent donooso, over its back. Donoso is the author of a number of remarkable stories and novels, which contributed greatly to the Latin American literary boom and the foundation of the literary movement knows as Magical Realism.


What does the whole dream mean? There are so many mind-blowing details in The Obscene Bird of Night that I almost tend to forget the bad parts because they were, too. The skeleton of OBN is framed by the multiple narrative of ostensibly one character, Humberto, who morphs continuously into a eunuch? The dark terrors that roil in the benighted depths of the subconscious, bursting forth to poison midnight dreams and shadows, put their stamp on all of the mythologies that man wove from the preternatural mysteries that surrounded, oppressed, and exhilarated him from the furthest nebulous reaches of humanity’s dawn.

Paolo Di Stefanosec. Open Preview See a Problem? Martin and Leonard Mades, who allow the frequent monolithic stretches of donosso to retain their beguiling beauty and expressive power. Personajes complejos, que contemplan su desgracia y la aceptan, porque son parte de una de las dos clases sociales que imperan dentro del contexto de la historia, miles de interpolaciones textuales que se entrecruzan dentro de algunos momentos, y continuamente, se deshilvana una obra maestra, tanto desde el punto de vista de la forma como del contenido.

The remaining twenty eight chapters of the book are a mishmash of dreams of the women residing in the convent, the deaf mute handyman and convent itself through the family that built and maintained it.

“Coronación” de José Donoso by Hao Wang on Prezi

He started writing for the magazine Ercilla in when he found himself traveling through Europe, from where he sent his reports. National Prize for Literature Chile I tasted blood and I wanted more The old women’s delirious fantasy turns the event into a miracle, although charging it with a latent, disgusting eroticism that culminates in Like dreams there can be an awful lot that is true and there can be just as much if not more that donnoso only the projection of imagination, desires and wishes.

The whole novel is infused with the myth of the Imbunche, even the House is transformed gradually into one, as the windows are bricked-up, rooms and corridors hidden under false walls, as if they never existed.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Romualdo gives me a pair of flowered cotton trousers. Typically, when I read something that I am unable to gain my bearings in, I get bored, frustrated, and annoyed – this book however, due to the compelling images and glimpses of a deeply human story, kept me going. Every character slowly melds until the shifty “I” of the narrator becomes clear– not a trick, but the only solution to this multiplicity of self.


There seems to be a link between the supposedly ‘miraculous’ pregnancy and the more or less historical past.


Coming from a comfortable family, during his childhood he worked as a juggler and an office worker, much before he developed as a writer and teacher. The Obscene Bird of Night is itself an imbunche, a twisted narrative that at one point might have been a common fairy tale that morphed into this bizarre creation.

Josfhe traveled to Mexico and Central America. Lists with This Book. I couldn’t understand who were uose people, who was talking, who was the narrator. I have a feeling that if you cared enough to do all of this that the answer you’d find would be very unsatisfactory.

El obsceno pájaro de la noche by José Donoso

Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico. All we seem to understand is that a dumb, maybe crippled man Humberto, the ‘Mudito’ lives in a half-ruined Chilean convent, the Casa de Ejercicios Espirituales, inhabited by horrible old women, a few nuns and some filthy little orphans, one of which gets pregnant. Those who came to warm themselves at my fire, on the other hand, fluctuate like its flames and its shadows, they take me into their number benevolently, now that I’ve burned my name forever, lost my voice a long time ago, no longer have a sex because I can be just another old woman among all those in the Casa.

The traumatic story of an old bourgueoise in Mexico City, his relationship with his crazy grandmother, his sexually troubled past and his sick crush on the young and beautiful maid of the house. Logra cautivar, la prosa fluye muy bien.

Recipients of the America Award in Literature.