His wife was Anna, his name was John Ernst Worrell Keely and I believe they had at least one son. It would be interesting to track any relatives. John Keely was probably the best inventor of all times in my opinion. Nikola Tesla was probably second to John in my view. John Keely got to the very heart of. H2O EXTRACTS GAS AND ATTRACTS MONEY. Born in Philadelphia on September 3, , John Ernst Worrell Keely worked various jobs as.

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In this experiment, a spherical flask that is filled with water is vibrated at a certain frequency, low in pitch but very jeely in strength.

Joun concealed electric wire discovered in Keely’s workshop was described by Ackerman as the remains of the worrell of a burglar alarm, and in no way connected with the force used by Keely’s motor. This website online since Zalinski later attended a demonstration at Keely’s workshop in November, in place of Colonel John Hamilton. The radius of 63 meters was measured out accurately. The inventor told the reporter that he was making room in his lab by clearing away outmoded equipment.

It was predicted by Rudolph Steiner in that the science of the future will be based on Sympathetic Vibrations. You will find more keelyy of all his inventions on the next page, just click here. Nikola Tesla was probably second to John in my view. This is no different than the slow-moving waters that always surround a whirlpool in the center, which you can see every time you drain water out of the bathtub or sink.

By cooling the water, the amount of molecular vibration in it decreases, thus making wofrell even easier for the sound vibrations to resonate purely.

I take water and air, two mediums of different keeely gravity, and produces from them by generation an effect under vibrations that liberates from the air and water an inter atomic ether. Similarly, many UFO sightings have reported split-second degree turns at speeds so fast that conventional g-forces would completely destroy the body of any pilot inside.

John Worrell Keely

Jarl filmed this spectacle on two different occasions just to prove that it was real, the English Society for which Dr. John knew how to affect the weight of an object by simply striking the right notes on the instrument.


Among these was a levitation owrrell where heavy weights in sealed flasks of water were made to rise and fall in response to differently pitched sounds from a zitherto activate a “globe liberator” which then transmitted “the aetheric force” through a wire to the water container. A diagram from Dr.

John Ernst Worrell Keely

Almost all free-energy researchers agree that it is the background energy of the aether that is being harnessed in these reactions. Whether that rotation manifests as spinning atoms, tornados, hurricanes, rotating planets or galaxies.

Keely’s first wirrell of solitary confinement with his motor for the purpose of “focalizing and adjusting the vibrators,” has resulted, not in the single revolution which is to demonstrate his final triumph, but in another postponement.

On November 10, Keely gave a demonstration of an “etheric generator” to a small group of people in Philadelphia. Glass flask containing weights that Keely claimed could be moved up or down by striking the zither strings which activated the “globe Liberator”.

As we shall see in the next few mohn, the direction that the outside of the polarized CU is rolling will determine which force it absorbs more of. The ship was said to have accelerated from 0 to miles per hour within a few seconds. The combined loud chanting of the priests, using their voices at a certain pitch and rhythm most probably adds to the combined effect, but the subject matter of the chant, I believe, would be of no consequence. Keely, who was appointed his executor.

Mrs Moore suggested that a definitive test would be to cut the wire that Scott alleged was in fact an air pipe, but Keely flatly refused to do so and Mrs Moore, her worreol shaken, reduced Keely’s monthly salary. The secret is in the geometric placement of the musical instruments in relation to the stones to be levitated, and the harmonic tuning of the drums and trumpets.

It was unaffected by weather and could rise above any owrrell. Test of the sympathetic force of vitalized disks. At this time most physicists believed that all of space was filled with an elusive fluid called the “luminiferous ether”.

The block was one meter wide and one and one-half meters long.

Then, the scientist must introduce an air bubble into the water and carefully try to manipulate it into the center that the sound forces are pressing towards. Keely told them that it was in fact “etheric vapor”, adding “It ain’t compressed air or any vapor having substance. The four experts were named as Dr.


John Worrell Keely-Accomplished Anti Gravity Inventor, and free energy pioneer

Electrical engineer Clarence B. When John would strike the zither string the weight would lose it’s weight and it would float up to the top. He asked for an injunction restraining Keely from removing the machine or altering its construction or mode of operation, and requested that an order also be made compelling Keely to exhibit to the complainant all models, machines, and drawings of the invention referred to in the assignments to Wilson, and that an order be made compelling Keely to fully disclose the invention and the mode of constructing and operating it.

While he could not give a timescale for when the graduation of the engine would be completed, Keely said that it would not be a protracted period, and that when it was finished, one or more engines would at once be ordered. Born in Chester, PennsylvaniaJohn Keely was orphaned in early childhood and was raised by his grandparents.

Before becoming an inventor, he worked as a member of a theatrical orchestra, a painter, a carpentera carnival barkerand as a mechanic.

John Keely has said repeatedly in his writings that every object has a mass chord. October 30, Hits: Keely knew that gravity was simply the large-scale push-pull motion of aether, and matter is also made of aether that naturally vibrates at a certain frequency. The beginning of the report is transcribed from a German magazine article that was translated into English; and we begin at the point where the translated article starts.

The demonstration with the rising and falling weights was powered by compressed air via a thin tube which Keely had assured Burk and Scott was a solid wire and which was a common feature in nearly every piece of apparatus in Keely’s laboratory.

It is theorized that the belt mechanism Keely wore during the levitation feat tuned the atomic structure of the iron sphere so all the atoms were synchronized and aetheric force directed through the sphere caused it to levitate or gravitate.