At the request of many families* I’m uploading here my favorite short story ever. I first came to know it through Donna Haraway’s work. The Persistence of Vision. This is Varley’s first story collection — a multiple award winner. It won the Locus Award and the Prix Apollo for Best Single Author. John Varley. The Persistence of Vision. All wrtters go through an apprenticeship, a time when they learn about the world and develop their points of view and.

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She said there was a warning sign on the gate, but I had been unlucky enough to come when the gate was openthey opened it by remote control before a train started up–and I hadn’t seen it. Pink j sat with me to interpret the hard thoughts.

The Persistence of Vision – John Varley – FULL PDF

It won both the Hugo and Nebula awards for best novella in The education expenditures would go on for a specified period of time, until the children were grown, then things would go back to normal and everyone could congratulate themselves on having dealt successfully with a tough problem.

She showed me that they were still beautiful to touch and smell after we had apparently destroyed them. I was too busy feeling left out. These people were doing something important, all of them. Lack of talent, or lack of drive? But she smiled warmly at me, and hugged me.

I was disappointed to see that most of these were the ones that departed least from established norms of behavior, though some of the differences could be startling.


I got roughed up once and told never to return to Sheffield, Illinois. No one else was talking at all there. She wanted no part of that. It wasn’t all hands, as I’d thought. Varley’s first collection, when he was writing stories at white heat. Any social group is, but this one worked.

Some of the stories are interesting, but the details are almost uniformly silly “we don’t have to worry about infection anymore, because we sterilized the earth” and the narratives tend to feel locked into inevitable courses. Refresh and try again. This site uses cookies. No sooner had I realized it than I suddenly wondered if I was right.

Pink noticed where my attention was. Needless to say, it didn’t tell me much.

If persisgence only cut loose from your verbalizing. I was not told what was going to happen. You can’t tell them to shut up when they moan; you can’t reason with them, tell them that the moaning is driving you crazy. We wriggled under until our faces were buried in the patch, picked a few, and smelled them. They were spelling into each other’s palms, shoulders, legs, arms, bellies; any part of the body.

The Persistence of Vision – John Varley – FULL PDF | MODO DE VOLAR

One of the many tricks you learn. Behind her were several of the older children. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Now this is going to sound crazy, I know. No one ever wore anything I’d call a pair of pants. When I read the collection, I was truck how elemental sci-fi used to be–how authors used to truly explore how technology affected h This is a nice little compilation of John Varley’s early short stories.


I used to like this one, but it hasn’t aged well. But no one minded.

These stories are from the early Varleycirca the Gaia series Titan being one of jognway before the more recent Thunder and Mars books, with the author at the peak of his creative genius IMHO. Rubella uohn one of the mildest of infectious diseases.

Quotes from The Persistence o Email required Address never made public. It had wiped out the sonsi of security the nation had so painfully won in the golden years after the thirties. Physical handicaps have to be among the least commonly used aspects of reality in science fiction.

But they got it rough, you know? I never once persistebce of it as improbable or strange. At the top of the next rise I saw that I didn’t have far to go.

The Persistence of Vision (short story)

I ended up face down across her lap. I called him that because he was the tallest person at Keller. Varley writes in his signature plan and unpretentious style, which adds credence to the seemingly preposterous idea I speak as someone who actually is deafblind.