The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Vampyre; A Tale, by John William Polidori This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no. The Vampyre [John Polidori] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the first vampire stories by John Polidori, a friend of Lord Byron. Written at the same gathering at which Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, Polidori’s “The Vampyre” is a short story of convoluted but beautiful sentences, mostly.

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His sister Charlotte made a transcription of his Diaries, but censored “peccant passages” and destroyed the original.

Views Read Edit View history. John William Polidori’s The Vampyre is both a classic tale of gothic horror and the progenitor of the modern romantic vampire myth that has been fodder for artists ranging from Anne Rice to Alan Ball to Francis Ford Coppola. The Vampyre is a groundbreaking work worth reading. View all 4 comments.

Note, April 13, Our philosophy has been guided by a desire to provide the reader with a book that is vampyde close as possible to ownership of the original work. He is honoured and simply amazed. To ask other readers questions about The Vampyre; A Taleplease sign up. We, in India, have our own vampyr legend known as Baital.

There is nothing sparkly, sappy or EMOtistic about this tale. It is difficult to get involved in this story, more like a sketch, which could have been a good novel, enriched with details, dialogues, and a fastest pace. The story does focus on his feelings and things he encouters along the way, but gampyre is a third-person narration focused on a …more Absolutely not Aubrey.

John William Polidori – Wikipedia

On the wedding night, she is discovered dead, drained of her blood—and Ruthven has vanished. Nearly everything that followed in the English language can be traced back to here. Despite an almost non-existent dialogue the prose isn’t heavy at all.


Sin duda este aspecto es lo mejor del relato.

The Vampyre; A Tale

The story is short, a chronicle of events that happen, many times rather confused, with characters described only briefly. Looking back, Aubrey realizes that everyone whom Ruthven met ended up suffering. It was Stoker’s novel “Dracula” that combined the attributes of a vampire along with others with a powerful story with a compelling central character.

Of course the work wasn’t Byron’s and Polidori had a merry chase trying to establish the correct authorship of the work.

He gives generously, but only to those who will use his generosity to put themselves in an even worse situation. But it’s not true. Percy and Byron, two of the Romantic movement’s shining stars, gave up early on claiming prose was nothing to poetry, but Mary Shelley and John Polidori went ahead.

The confusing history–the story was originally attributed to Lord Byron, but was written by his physician John Polidori–that surrounds The Vampyre threatens to overshadow the text itself especially as the Gutenberg edition reprints the imprint containing an unconnected account of Lord Byron’s residence in Greece but ultimately only adds to The Vampyre ‘s mystique.

Jlhn I can’t ignore its importance in initiating the horror genre we know today. Ruthven reminds Aubrey of his oath to keep his death a secret. Polidori was one of the earliest pupils at the recently established Gampyre College fromand inwent to the University of Edinburghwhere he wrote a thesis on sleepwalking and received his degree as a doctor of medicine on 1 Augustat age The name of the work’s protagonist, ” Lord Ruthven “, added to this assumption, for that name was originally used in Lady Caroline Lamb ‘s novel Glenarvon from the same publisherin which a thinly-disguised Byron figure was also named Lord Ruthven.


The Vampyre

I particularly enjoyed the first encounter of vampyre in Greece. These works of literature are only a small part, a tiny glimpse, of their strong imagination. I’ve just updated this review slightly to correct some factual inaccuracy in the account of the tale’s origin. Ruthven has “irresistible powers of seduction” p. This is considered the earliest vampire tale in the English language there’s some debate over that, however and it was extremely influential on later works such as Varney, Carmilla, and, of course, Dracula.

The Vampyr lays the groundwork and establishes polidofi of the themes that we have now come to associate with this legend. Certain aspects of Lord Ruthven can be found again in Dracula. The two met up with Percy and Mary Shelley on the shores of Lake Geneva and one night decided upon a ghost story writing competition.

Polidori either didn’t know how or didn’t trust himself to write dialog, because there’s virtually none. The aim of our publishing program polidoi to facilitate rapid access to this vast reservoir polldori literature, and our view is that this is a significant literary work, which deserves to be brought back into print after many decades.

While the story itself is intriguing, the way it is bampyre is so boring.