From the New York Times bestselling author of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy; Our Kind of Traitor; and The Night Manager, now a television series starring Tom. John Le Carré: his characters propel the narrative onwards. The Honourable Jerry Westerby, cast in the same mould, is holed up in deepest. From the New York Times bestselling author of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy; Our Kind of Traitor; and The Night Manager, now.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Which was enough of a pity that I might go back to the book soon, because I didn’t much read any of it either Hong Kong or Singapore….

Maybe this is not only typical but even optimal for the genre, but I found it unsatisfying. Yes, Karla is mentioned as linked to the spies being chased but with no other role whatsoever.

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And that theme is grandly unfurled. So the ending wasn’t wholly satisfying, but that mild disappointment car enough to reduce the rating. See all 3 questions about The Honourable Schoolboy…. I have read two classical espionage novels this year that puts into play the canon that would follow: Sometimes you did it to save face, thought Jerry, other times you just do it because you haven’t done your job unless you’ve scared scnoolboy to death. The praise I’ve ladled out so far may sound extravagant, but I’ve hardly scratched-the-surface.

It is cart of morality tales that will make you think. The le Carre novels that I have read tend to make use of two general frameworks. After disarming and disabling Tiu, Westerby tells Drake that he wants Lizzie for himself, in exchange for saving Nelson from the British and the Americans.

The Honourable Schoolboy

scuoolboy Trivia About The Honourable Sc The Asian plot plunges into major stories of former Indochina, namely the fall of Cambodia to the Khmer Rouge and the conquest of Saigon by the North Vietnamese.

Maybe I’ll revisit it some day, but let’s just say, I’m in no rush. I had no idea John le Carre was a pseudonym. As the fall of Saigon looms, master spy George Smiley must outmaneuver his Soviet counterpart on a battlefield that neither can afford to lose. Afterwards–although he enjoyed further achievements–I suggest that he never again eclipses this colossal, supreme effort of authorship.


It’s also a gesture of homage to the grand days of the Far East under British rule. Schoolbiy a powerful, ambitious, satisfying sequel to the very great Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. A burial ground of French, British, and American colonial cultures, the region is a fabled testing ground oe patriotic allegiances?

Review of “The Honourable Schoolboy” by John le Carré | Rhapsody in Books Weblog

Smiley team is there but more as a sideshow to the juvenile story of a fringe spy falling in crazy love over a single meeting, his Southeast Asian thr and a complex capture tale where one is never cl The Karla Trilogy is not a true trilogy but a marketing spin and this book proves it in more ways than one. Return to Book Page.

By the end of The Honourable Schoolboy it is by no means that there every was any kernel of truth at all, and if there was, it might be impossible to find — but not for epistemological reasons but because it has been so distorted and hidden under layers and layers of obfuscation by political power plays that it is simply gone, and the wanderer, when he takes that last turn that last turn that will take him up to the summit of that hill, finds himself on top of a sheer cliff, stepping off into the air.

Learn how your comment data is processed. I love this book and highly recommend it. Instead of being within the Circus, this book instead takes us to Svhoolboy Kong and Thailand where an agent of the Circus has to uncover Karla’s plot and all the characters involved. Clandestinity just makes spy battles much more psychologically complex.

It is also the centre book of a trilogy and unlike others which have lot of filler and are bland compared to the 1st and last books, this is almost a stand alone novel. NB And Westerby’s brilliant by-way-of-introduction in the book But as the novel progressed I found I just wasn’t interested enough in the minutiae of the spying world in the way that Le Carre so clearly is, how it operates and what legwork needs to be done in order to unearth the Red under your Bed.


Can Jerry Westerby be trusted? Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Dec 01, Brad Lyerla rated it liked it. This is one of the greatest spy novels I’ve ever read. Yet just as Nelson lands, American helicopters appear and load Nelson johh a helicopter.

His best writing in a long time. Bitter, mediocre, overlong, padded, anti-Western Judeo Christian, pretentious, and whose characters only ever had one voice. There are no one-dimensional portraits tge mere caricatures among the principal actors. Intelligence reports that Ricardo has approached them with information about an opium cargo he was to fly to China.

Yet it is my favourite by far. May 04, Mizuki rated it it was ok Shelves: Smiley knows that Nelson will escape China as Drake did in on a fishing fleet junkgoing to the southernmost island of Po Toi.

The ending with its rebirth almost reassured me enough to forget all my troubles with this book. More, I nominate The Honourable Schoolboy as the best spy novel ever written, and the author himself doesn’t put it in his top four.

It’s what we’re all crying out for in this frightening age of government mandarins and official denials. The psychological contrasts of these two characters are central to the story’s development and conclusion. Coordinating the new development as well as wrestling some order and security back into being is a huge connected project for any one person.

Jun 27, Dillwynia Peter rated it really liked it. Read on if you wish to learn why.