The Ending of Time has ratings and 26 reviews. Timothy said: Dialogs between David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti, enjoyable and provoking on the nature of. KRISHNAMURTI: How shall we start? I would like to ask if humanity has taken a wrong turn. DAVID BOHM: A wrong turn? Well it must have done so, a long time. The Ending of Time Chapter 11 18th September Conversation with Prof. David Bohm ‘The Ending of `psychological’ Knowledge’. KRISHNAMURTI: What.

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So why have human beings throughout the world not been able to resolve the daily problems of life? An impoverished Brahmin who had been raised by a few English radicals to be the next Messiah, and who, upon the age of Enlightenment, declared all religions to be invalid, and promptly dissolved the Theosophists.

Well, would you say the emptiness is the ground? They are trying to solve problems too.

Ending of Time, The – J. Krishnamurti Online

He has finished with all the churches and doctrines. In order to end the endless, to see what iswe have to cease our becoming. Kroshnamurti he addressed large audiences, people felt that Krishnamurti was talking to each of them personally, addressing his or her particular problem.

Dattaterya claims to have had an experience with enlightnment just from reading this book. How will you do it? But the damaged brain is healed when there is insight. There is absolutely nothing. I am sure there is a way which is not verbal, analytical or logical, which doesn’t mean lack of sanity.


Thoughts he doesn’t know. Matter, human beings, their capacities, their idiocies – does the whole movement start from there? But when they go tome to their daily life, they are back in the old game.

English Choose a language for shopping. I have reasons and excuses, but mostly I had a lot to think about. But it is really very important to explore deeply why our minds are always operating in a certain direction.

The Ending of Time (Dialogue): J. Krishnamurti, David Bohm: : Books

To take pains, take the whole of it. Something happens with cancer cells. Are you simply saying that when people talk of giving up the past, they are just not doing it, but merely turning this into another question which avoids the issue?

It has been invented, but we have picked it up verbally and non-verbally, by implication, from childhood. That is what I am asking. He is groping after all this. But it goes away so quickly. The two of them together really push each other to the next level. A great read for anyone interested in revealing answers to those big questions that everyone of us asks from time to time, regarding life, the universe and whatever is in between.

Nov 22, Andrei Illes rated it it was amazing. Because this knowledge seems to have a tremendous value beyond all other values, it makes the mind stick to that. Jiddu Krishnamurti texts Jiddu Krishnamurti quotes and talks, texts in many languages.

Yes, diligence is too limited. You see, a person who has self-concern may feel that he is attending but he is simply concerned with himself. Yes, we have said that the brain took a wrong turn.

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We said the other day that the wall could be broken down through insight – if insight does not become translated into an idea.

The Ending of Time

But can the mind, the brain, be totally free of all organized order? It is the atmosphere, the structure – you know; the very atmosphere makes you feel quiet. It must be totally unconscious, totally uninvited.

Now there isn’t a thing put there by thought. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

In the order of the numbers, you have the simplest example of order. Is it because we spend all our days, and probably half the night, in thinking about technological problems so that we have no time for the other?

Somebody might argue with you about that and say that maybe you are not challenged with something. It seems to me that the groove, or the accumulated knowledge, seems to have a significance far beyond what its significance is. It is like a cancer going on inside the brain, moving in a way which is not compatible with the health of the brain.

I come to that point, and I want to break through it. They imply that we are dissatisfied with the status quo the experience thw the present and need to bide our time until future happiness arrives.