Jennie [Paul Gallico] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. If in doubt, wash! What is it like to be a cat? Find out in this classic animal story from. Buy Jennie New Impression by Paul Gallico, Bob Haberfield (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Buy Jennie (Collins Modern Classics) by Paul Gallico (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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Thank you Paul Gallico. So, maybe that’s why I didn’t read Jennie back then. Jennie, a street-smart cat, befriends Peter and mentors him in cat etiquette and cat survival A typically charismatic and flirtatious Siamese also figures, and is the source of some trouble and strife for our hero…….

Want to Read saving…. It was his habit, at this time, to wander in his garden dictating to his assistant, Mel Menzies, who would then type up the manuscript in the evening, ready for inclusion in the newspaper. Unexpectedly he finds he has become a white cat I know, I know, but stick with it, this is far from merely twee fantasy A typically charismatic and flirtatious Siamese also figures, and is the source of some trouble and strife for our hero…….

He also wrote about catching Dizzy Dean’s fastball and golfing with Bobby Jones. Oct 05, Bayandur rated it it was amazing Shelves: The pace is slow but in a relaxing and refreshing way rather than a boring way. Was Jennie the black and white cat at the end? I read Gallico to be saying with the ending that Jennie was Peter’s own self-love and resilience personified.

Sure, at times it was funny, but not in a way that it was meant to be. Jun 21, Alex West rated it it was amazing Shelves: And she can’t even witness it, she has to remain hidden until the victor comes to claim her and she paull go with that victor.


Jennie by Paul Gallico

And luckily soon forgot his time as a cat as some weird dream. I’ve never read a book as great.

Gallico was prolific hardly begins to describe his output. There are some stand-out books from my childhood — you know the ones. Even at twenty three, I loved it. May 06, Phoebe rated it it was amazing. The level of reasoning he brought to why cats do things was wonderful to read. In the late s, he abandoned sports writing for fiction, first writing an essay about this decision entitled “Farewell to Sport” published in an anthology of his sports writing, also titled Farewell to Sportand became a successful writer of short stories for magazines, many appearing gallivo the then-premier fiction outlet, The Saturday Evening Post.

Very satisfying ending also.

I will probably have to download Thomasina in memory of my earlier smaller hands. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Facebook account. December 11, at 6: The boy was in a bed after being hit, dying, and turns into a cat. The nanny who dislikes cats just tossed the cat out the door. An outline or quotation from a particular story may sound banal, but taken in its entirety, a Gallico novel can be captivating.

But actually I thought that in essence the plot is a child’s version of Fight Club. It’s been out of print for years, but my library was able ejnnie request it from the Boulder Public Library. Critic Robert van Gelder called it “perhaps the most sentimental story that ever has achieved the dignity of a Borzoi prestige imprint of publisher Knopf imprint.

She was a bit baffled at what happened to Jennie, but kind of vaguely satisfied that Peter got his parents back and got a cat. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes touching, cute literature because it is jennue of the sweetest!


Paul Gallico – Wikipedia

View all 5 comments. Lists with This Book. This book is such a gallcio gem. You can still get the story from watching a movie! You can stop reading now, because this is one of those books, and you won’t understand.

Paul Gallico

Alysson I’m currently reading it and would say about 5th grade and up. In Fredric Brown ‘s science-fiction novel What Mad Universe a magazine editor jwnnie our own world is jennis sent to a parallel Earth significantly different from ours; in this parallel world, the editor reads a biography written of a dashing space hero, a figure central to the novel’s narrative, which is supposedly written by Paul Gallico.

Yes, I was smitten by the style, the storyline and the tenderness of the tale. He suddenly finds that he’s turned into a This is the best book about a cat that I have ever read. I’m sure they were not meant to be offensive here, and I don’t think they were offensive at the time. I can just kick every boy when they are being boys. Views Read Edit View history. Initially he did not recognise these qualities in himself, so he projected them onto the fantasy of a motherly, capable, present friend.

Amazingly, Gallico was born in America and spent most of his life there. I’m sad this book didn’t work better for me — so many people loved it. Nor would I recommend it to anyone regardless of age or belief.