9 quotes from Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude: How to Find, Build and Keep a Yes! Attitude for a Lifetime of Success: ‘ATTITUDE DRIVES ACTIONS. ACTIONS.. . Attitude. WRITTEN BY JEFFREY GITOMER @GITOMER. KING OF The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. Jeffrey Gitomer has put together a slick, well-packaged piece, complete with a colorful layout, bullet points, catch phrases and a carefully designed Yes! logo.

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Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude Quotes

Jun 05, Angela rated it it was amazing. No trivia or quizzes yet. May 08, Challa Fletcher rated it liked it. Don’t join the pity party. Attitude by Jeffrey Gitomer.

yex Although I don’t mind listening to the same old regurgitated self help stuff from time to time – this wasn’t great or feeling of anything groundbreaking whatsoever The author has a straight talking direct stylewhich can be fine – but nothing inspiring – this “yes attitude” trademark term of his seems unnecessary – and just rehashed bits of good self help foundational principles branded has his “yes attitude” Am not digging it Oct 16, Don rated it really liked it. Every business winner has one thing in common: To encourage others when they need support.

All things being equal, a positive attitude is preferred over a negative one in all aspects of life. I will ask before I tell.


I found this book to be very go This is the 7th or 8th time I have read this book or listened to it on CD; it is that good. I’m considering buying the book because there are activities th I really like this little book. I am grateful for life and living. They are easy to hold, easy to read, and easy to understand.

Successful people hang around money or things that make money. Where do you rank on the YES! Mar 31, Jeremiah rated it really liked it Shelves: Wakens you to how important it is to be vigilant to what you think and more importantly how to think attituee your attitude. I will celebrate my victories today. This amazing tool will rate your sales abilities and explain your opportunities for sales growth.

I will stick at it until I win, even if my ass falls off. His reminders to commit just a little bit everyday really speaks my language. It was not the most easy read for me, as there is need for a lot of self-examination and reflection, which I find to be time consuming and somewhat difficult. This is the first book I’ve read by Jeffrey Gittomer.

Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude Quotes by Jeffrey Gitomer

I listened to the audio, read by the author, and he is certainly a character. This amazing sales tool will rate your sales abilities and explain your customized opportunities for sales knowledge growth. For a book on positive attitudes the comment could have been framed a lot better.


Now he’s brought those lessons together in a book you can read in one sitting I think the book had great points and I am trying to implement them. The social worker cant do a thing, you wont as a little girl press charges. Want to Read saving…. I really enjoyed the li This book was so full of Positive Attitude it almost made me want to puke Several national tests have revealed the following startling statistics about why people fail on the job: This is a book that provides a grou As you would expect from the title this is a book about having a positive attitude.

The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude

Put a “quote of the day” on everyone’s desk. Anyone who needs a ‘tude adjustment.

Baggage in your life, empty and full. I love Gitomer’s books because they are full of little nuggets of information. It’s that kind of YES! It’s hard work and The book makes no fairytale of it but it is real.

He repeatedly promoted his other products and pushed the reader to register on his website. You know instinctively that no way you are to be believed over this beard embracing man.