Das Kartenspiel?Zwicken? wird mit einem normalen Skatblatt gespielt. Es können 2 bis 5 Spieler mitwirken. Zwicken ist ein Spiel mit kleinen Chipeinsätzen , wie. SPIELREGELN FÜR DAS SALZBURGER KARTENSPIEL MULATSCHAK .. nen Spielregeln sowie die soziokulturelle Einbin- .. Jass-Spiele (Jass group). SPIELREGELN ZWICK-JASS. By EGGE 7 · Updated about 7 years ago. Already tagged. Romana Hartmann and Heinz Hirschi like this.

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Today, Jass is the name of the game. The rules about which cards the other players may play to the trick are unique to Swiss Jass. The player who nominates the trump option plays the first card. In 8-round Coiffeur, each team must play each trump suit, tops-down, bottoms-up, and two Jokers free choice of trump option once.

Once the match is in jqssen, players need to keep track of which cards have been played, especially which card of each suit is currently the highest left in play and which trumps have been played.

Each player must first declare whether or not he wants to play the hand. In undenufe, spielregeon people value the 6 rather than the ace as spielrrgeln points, and allow a Weis zpielregeln four sixes worth points, in place of four aces.

Any player failing to make 21 scores a negative game point. Spileregeln name Password Login Forgotten password? If a non-trump has been led and another player has already trumped it, you are not allowed to play a lower trump, unless you have no cards of the suit ledin which case you may play any card.

The standard Schieber involves four players, sitting in two partnerships, opposite each other. Each player is dealt 9 cards in batches of 3s. A multiplier is allocated to each trump.

Each weis on a list is better than those above it on the list. The Swiss Jass games described on this site at present are:. The Under of spierlegeln is called the Puur Swiss version of the word Bauer, meaning peasant, which in the form Bower also appears in Euchre. Spelregeln and card values Trump The suit declared trumps beats cards of all ranks in the minor suits. Rules of the game In Coiffeur, there are clear rules on when a particular suit may be played.


If the choosing player holds a mediocre hand, he must decide whether to make the call and hope that his partner holds at least some of the cards his hand is missing, or whether to “push” schieben the responsibility away in the hope that his partner has an unambiguosly strong hand.

Card Games: General rules for Swiss Jass

Unlike slielregeln Schieber, a player does not pass to his partner, but to the player sitting next to him in an anticlockwise direction. The game is won by the player or the team who first reaches a previously agreed target score, most often points.

As each player plays a card to the first trick of a hand, she may announce a weis set of cards, as listed that she holds if it is at least as great as any which has so far been announced.

If a non-trump has been led and spoelregeln player has already trumped it, you are not allowed to play a lower trump, unless you have nothing but trumps left in your handin which case you may play any trump.

The Swiss Jass games described on this site at present are: The last one left in loses the game.

Jass – Wikipedia

A deck of cards has 4 suits, each of which contains 9 playing cards. Since the trump Jack and trump Nine have no point value in either tops-down or bottoms-up, the missing 32 points are made up for with the four Eights, each of which counts 8 points. If two or three play then, the top card of the first dead hand is turned for trumps, which may be exchanged for the Six of trumps if it has been dealt.


The player who plays the highest card or the strongest trump card wins the trick. A player not holding a card of the suit led may play any card a player can only play a lower trump card if he has nothing but trump cards left in his hand.

There is no trump suit in tops-down and bottoms-up. The Swiss-German cards use Swiss suits, a variant of German suits, and also have a distinctive design. Hence the total possible for the third scoring feature, “tricks”, is normally points.

If not, he turns it down and sits the deal out. When there are trumps, the card ranks and values are different in the trump suit from the other suits.

Jasen two players have identical sequences in non-trump suits, the one wins whose turn to play to the first trick is earlier. A sequence of seven cards scores no spiielregeln than a sequence of five though it beats it. The Weis The word Weis denotes sets of cards which, held in a player’s hand at the start of play, may be announced for points.

But in bottoms-up, Six is highest. The adjoining table shows the rankings within the minor suits as well as the point values.


He can no longer pass and has to choose trumps. Tops-down and bottoms-up There is no trump suit in tops-down and bottoms-up.

If it is a negative or mixed game, such as HindersiMittlere or Differenzler in which the object is not to take as many card points as possible, but maybe to avoid taking points or to get close to a specific value, then the weaker undertrumping rule applies: