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High quality MP3 variable-bit-rate files. Now I see why I couldn’t find much information: The Madlay John Johnson The young lady has played no little part in my little life. Some scribes copied the divisions from their exemplar, some wrote their own into their manuscripts, others copied only the plain unadorned pieces and probably improvised embellishments afresh with each performance.

Perfect quality WAV files. I happen to be a fan of old manuscripts, although I have thus far mostly delved into illuminated manuscripts rather than old musical ones.

The audio quality is good enough for most uses. Where no divisions are included, Jacob Heringman has improvised his own, rather than import them from another source. A toy anon 2. However their characteristic timbres were peculiarly well suited to English folk tunes, such as we hear in tracks Le Sarabande anon If you use iTunes or an iPod, get these.

A Pavin by Rossetters Philipp Rosseter 9. The tune appears in many continental sources as “Roland”: This is the standard format provided by the iTunes music store. And she was acquainted with John Dowland, so we are near the source. Notes are analogue and require a mental conversion. He was held in high esteem by his contemporaries, with both his solos and his duets being widely copied.

High quality open source OGG files. So I have the entire Pickering on my computer, free for you if you want it. The pieces performed here are as Jane Pickeringe or her successors copied them, with only obvious errors corrected. Tracks 18 and 19 use yet different tunings, which illustrate the extremes of this confusing period in the lute’s history.


And in the meane, for cunninge stoppes, gave Johnsonne all the fame.

Jane Pickeringes Lute Book : Jacob Heringman

These are characterized by narrow intervals between courses – mostly major and minor thirds instead of the fourths of the old Renaissance lute tuning used by Janeand thus a narrower compass overall.

The next pieces jump a generation, and are part of this second layer of copying. You got a pickerinf of good answers to your question about Jane Pickering.

Much of her chosen repertory is late Elisabethan or early Jaco bean, and most requires a lute with only 6-courses: But Jane Pickering had the most beautiful and readable script of all the manuscripts I have seen. This gives unparalleled pickerihg, but a very limited range of convenient keys, hence the plethora of slightly different kute, each lending its particular sound to one or two keys. We shall probably never know. Good luck, regards from eragagaar.

Jane Pickering’s Lute Book (Pickering, Jane)

A Toye The Friar and pickerlng Nun anon It is sometimes called “sharp tuning”. Johnson was one of Queen Elizabeth’s “musicians for the three lutes” from We know nothing of the life of its original owner: This particularly extended and virtuosic setting is anonymous in the manuscript, but is strongly reminiscent of other variation sets by Daniel Bacheler, such as “Monsieur’s Almain” and “Une Jeune Fillette”, especially in its exploitation of the extremes of the lute’s register, and its use of rapid arpeggiated figures and quasi-tremolo effects.

A galyerd by Rossesters Philipp Rosseter The reassuringly straightforward galliard serves as a welcome anchor for the Pavin’s flights of fancy, and allows free rein to Rosseter’s superb melodic gift.

A Toye anon 6. A Toye anon 4. All the best from eraagaar, Oslo, Norway.

Classical Guitar

John DowlandComposer: She copied them jwne the tiny gaps remaining at the foot of several pages, after more substantial pieces had claimed most of the space, and we are indebted to her for this endearing habit.

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Philip Rosseter is best known today for his beautifully wrought lute songs, but a number of his lute solos survive. Lute transcriptions from keyboard originals are uncommon, simply because most keyboard solos have too wide a compass and are too complex to transfer idiomatically to the lute. Rosseter, as we have seen, was fully capable of writing such intricate, challenging works.

Demonstrable musical accomplishment was a skill much prized in young unmarried women, and it is likely that Jane would have been expected to play for her family, friends and potential suitors, as well as, one hopes, for her own enjoyment.

John JohnsonComposer: That’s the second part of the story. Can anyone tell me anything more puckering her and her famous lute book?

Who was Jane Pickering? – Classical Guitar

These are medium audio quality MP3 files that will work on every device. If marked lhte beginning of Jane’s copying, both her musical tastes and her lute were quite conservative.

On the basis of its similarity to some of John Dowland’s chromatic fantasias, it was included in the Poulton and Lam edition of Dowland’s lute works, and has long been regarded as part of his oeuvre, but there pickerign no reason to doubt Mylius’s attribution. Jane Pickeringe’s lute book, technically jzne as British Library manuscript Egertonis one of the finest sources of the English lute repertory, but it is also an intensely personal and poignantly evocative document.