The blast at the Ixtoc oil well off the coast of Mexico in caused the largest ever peacetime oil spill – and has similarities to the current spill. On June 3, , the Ixtoc I exploratory well in the Bay of Campeche, blew out. It was finally capped on March 23, , days later, but during that time On June 3, the Ixtoc I,located in the Bay of Campeche in the Gulf of Mexico, exploded and caught fire at AM. The Ixtoc oil spill.

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Two pressure relief wells were drilled and, finally, after an estimated 3 million barrels of oil entered the Gulf, the flow rates were brought under control and eventually stopped.

Since then, many changes have occurred in this area. On the positive side, new research lines genetics and molecular biology are beginning to shed some light on this problem.

Ever since the dreadful oil spill caused by the Ixtoc-I blowout in June in Campeche Sound, there has been a growing concern for the deleterious environmental effects upon a marine ecosystem, formerly known for its fairly pristine conditions prior to the rapid expansion of oil exploration and the extraction of fossil fuels in the area.

The impact of the Ixtoc-1 oil spill on zooplankton. Natural variability in the ecosystem and oil weathering-factors contributed to attenuate the acute pollution effects that lasted nearly 9 months. This was done with the placement of skimmers and booms. The Campeche shrimp fishery corresponds to a sequential modality in which there are two components: Maybe forgetting is what we really wanted to do.


Pressure had built to up extremely high, dangerous, and unstable levels. Severe effects to the physical structure of mangrove forest and seagrass beds are caused by residual hydrocarbons compounds and more importantly, the perspective of ecological recovery may take on the order of decades.

Naturally, the new findings of high concentrations of total hydrocarbons in surficial sediments in both coastal and estuarine systems Botello et al. The oil washed ashore, 30 cm 1 ft.

Retrieved 14 July Archived from the original on 24 July A review of ecological effects”. No significant changes in the percentage of oil degraders were detected near the Arcas Reef’s oil-tanker loading zone.

Its waters are highly influenced by the river runoff from a major tributary system e. AGT Editorial Searching for the reservoir in an excellent prospect, nearly two miles below the sediment surface, the Ixtoc I well was in about feet of water.

In Campeche Sound there coexist three of the most important penaeid stocks exploited in the Gulf of Mexico: At a rig in the Bay of Campeche in ixtod southern Gulf of Mexico the unthinkable happened. The Ixtoc I oil well after the accident.

Remembering An Accident: Ixtoc I Oil Spill – TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis

In recent times, the environmental conditions in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico have been further aggravated by the rapid expansion of PEMEX’s coastal and offshore operations. I tell my oceanography students that in some ways we are all a bit responsible for oil spills because we are over-consumers of this fossil liquid. Even though, in the beginning, there was a consensus within the scientific community that the above weathering factors indeed diminished the acute pollution effects, numerous questions arose afterwards concerning the degradation rates and the toxicity of the residual Ixtoc-I hydrocarbons in sediments and biota.


One study found that the most persistent issues were pollution of estuaries and coastal lagoons lining the bay, and especially the effects on breeding and growth of several food fish species.

The immediate losses from an oil spill continue to affect larger species for generations. The use, distribution or reproduction in other forums is permitted, provided the original author s or licensor are credited and that the original publication in this journal is cited, in accordance with accepted academic practice. Undoubtedly, the hydrocarbon chemistry is a complex research issue that requires innovative analytical techniques see Reddy et al.

Login Register Login using. However, at the PEMEX’s offshore oil-extraction area, drastic changes in this index were recorded idtoc, with no indication of an increase in the oil concentration, particularly at the most active platforms. Persistence of spilled crude oil in a tropical intertidal environment.

Mexicans still haunted by 1979 Ixtoc spill

Due to its high biodiversity, living resources and energy resources, this region is strategic in the national plans for social and economic development of Mexico. All other rights, including commercial rights, are reserved to the author. Some days the slick would move and others it would not.

In the particular case of the Itoc oil blowout, the reconstruction of ecological scenarios to assess the environmental damages detected in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico is a major challenge. Unexpected persistence of oil trapped in mangrove sediments. The Ixtoc-I blowout, Bay of Campeche.