This is the adventure series that sparked my love for the Iron Kingdoms. It was one of the first adventures I ever picked up for D&D 3E, and I was. Review of The Witchfire Trilogy Collected Edition While it was a good adventure, we the players saw it for a first part of a trilogy and Setting: Iron Kingdoms. This is a single volume, compiled reprinting of the first three Iron Kingdoms products: The Longest Night, Shadow of the Exile, and Legion of Lost Souls.

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The PCs fight in several small battles including one against King Vinter while the main battle rages about them. There are some minor text differences throughout, but the artwork is entirely the same.

Matthew Walton rated it it was ok Dec 13, Successful in that, the undead army enters and an epic battle ensues against Vinter’s forces. I sympathize with the fact that the cover can make it more difficult to play out Alexia’s role in the early part of the adventure, but she was featured on all three of the original books of the series as well and given her prominence I’m not sure if we could have easily persuaded Matt to feature someone else there.

Mookiewheeler marked it as to-read Aug 12, What with purchasing the pdf and the cost of printing it out, the price difference would be negligible, IMO. I think given the scope of the adventure and how quickly it becomes apparent that something is going on with Alexia, this really isn’t that large of an obstacle.

Bryan marked it as to-read Nov 14, Eric Golovchenko rated it really liked it Nov 12, Rochellethecute is currently reading it Aug 30, Josh rated it really liked it Jan 25, Editon temple is dedicated to the Cult of Cyriss and the PCs get to battle theses mechanical cultists while looking for Alexia. Hillary marked it as to-read Sep 15, Based entirely in the Cygnar city of Corvis and the surrounding areas, this adventure campaign has the player characters PCs assist city officials by investigating a young girl named Alexia who is upset about the death of her mother and other family members in years past by an individual who is now a ranking city official and she is now seeking revenge by acquiring a powerful magical sword, called the Witchfire, that can control the dead.


The Witchfire Trilogy, Collected Edition (Iron Kingdoms)

My stong desire to have every scrap of IK I can get my hands on has tipped the balance. Trillinon rated it really liked it Sep 07, It will be the backbone of your adventure planning. Lists with This Book. There is a short loosely tied only because it happens in Corvis and the has some of the occupying Skorne as enemies adventure where the PCs must evaded the forces of the deposed king in the city and help a Infernal-possessed man free himself from the dark entity’s control by securing an ancient magical text from the university and conduct a rite of banishment.

I will second the remarks that the cover art-work is a huge spoiler.

Kevin Breaux rated it it was amazing Apr 28, The Witchfire Trilogy provides the perfect entry point to the popular and award-winning Iron Kingdoms campaign setting.

Jul 29, Amber rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Also, the cover art for the Collected Edition is attractive. We also took some pains to address several encounters from the original where we had feedback from GMs related to ease of play.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. And a great adventure for a new or seasoned DM to send her adventurers on. With the undead army under Alexia’s control, the PCs enact a plan to go back to Corvis ahead of the army to secure one of the city’s main gates to allow the army to enter the city.

Caleb Wachter rated it it was amazing Editino 30, It isn’t such a jump for a player to mistakenly conclude that Alexia is the villain. But pre-packaged module adventures aren’t always chosen by experienced GMs.


Return to Book Page. Martin edited the Stabby award-winning Blackguards: Inhe created Ragnarok Publications www. This standalone campaign adventure for characters of levels or higher contains monsters, locales, magical creations, firearms, and intriguing characters to introduce players to western Immor Set your next adventure in the world of the Iron Kingdoms.

Want to Read saving…. But on the matter of the measures taken to address railroading problems, honestly I didn’t find the Collected Edition went far enough. Robert MacAnthony added it Oct 05, Jason added it Jun 29, Open Preview See a Problem? Karrym marked it as to-read Jan 16, Martin Goodreads Author Editor. Dixie Satterfield marked it as to-read Apr 04, But you can have your hard-copy of the original modules handy for showing players artwork and so on.

Witchfire Trilogy Collected Edition Financial Decision [Archive] – Privateer Press Forums

In the end Corvis is saved and Vinter retreats. Myk Myers marked it as to-read Aug 22, Based entirely in the Witcyfire city of Corvis and the surrounding areas, this adventure campaign has the player characters PCs assist city officials by investigating a young girl named Alexia who is upset a When my gaming group isn’t playing Dark Heresy, our back-up game is Iron Kingdoms, and we just finished the Witchfire trilogy with five total adventures if you include the two short ones that our Game Master GM converted for Iron Kingdoms 2nd Witvhfire.

Alex Meeres rated it really liked it Nov 03, Quite the opposite, I think they are more attractive to novices, who are just the type to require a little more handholding and a little more preparation than was given for all the “what if” possibilities that the Collected Edition barely trilogt.