2nd Company Tactical Marine. Chapter Name: Botherhood of Steel; Founding: 23rd “Sentinel” Founding; Founding Chapter: Iron Hands. Looking for fellow Iron Hands brethren. I’m building my IH army and would love to track down the Iron Hands info offered in the Index Astartes III. A further departure from the doctrines of the Codex Astartes is the lack of Chaplains. The Iron Hands suffered terrible losses at the hands of the Traitor Marines.

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Still in the process of updating shoulderpads, chapter icons, and base sizes for most of the infantry models there. Though they voxed hails requesting medical aid and supply, the line of Astartes atop the northern ridge remained grimly silent as the exhausted warriors of the Raven Guard and Salamanders came to within a hundred metres of their allies.

In His wrath, the Dark Prince had ordered them all tortured for one aeon for each soul that had been denied to Him by their failure. Typhon Heavy Siege Tank. With the release of 7th edition I started building up my own Iron Hands force. Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. Many would be outraged at the disrespect in the implication of such hnads term when referring to a Primarch, but those who knew him best believed that Ferrus Manus quite enjoyed the name, because in any case, that was not where the name originated.

Each Clan had a very real and distinct identity and each vied against each other for glory, attainment and for resources, as well as for the favour astartex their Primarch.

Fulgrim smiled as his brother Ferrus Manus renewed his attack into the heart of the Traitors’ defensive lines atop the Urgall Depression. Fulgrim managed to surge to his feet and lashed out, his silver blade biting deep into the breastplate of Ferrus’ armour, and the Primarch of the Iron Hands cried out, falling to his knees once again.

Anyone have PDF of Iron Hands Index Astartes??? – Space Marines – 40K Online

Plague Marines feel no pain, and do not suffer from the symptoms of the uncountable diseases they host in their necrosed flesh. Of course the Primarch of the Iron Hands could not let such a boast go unanswered, and he had laughed in Fulgrim’s face, declaring that such pasty hands could never be the equal of his own living metal appendages. This belief defies all facts to the contrary.

The warring clans of the world competed with each other for honour and prestige.

Loyalty is ended either by death or treachery, every artifice rusts and corrodes, and no life can truly be eternal. It is of some note that the Oron clearly did believe that such an entanglement was possible whereas they did not with certain other Legionsalthough whether this inde because of binding ties on the Legion Horus believed outweighed those to the Emperor, the reputation and nature of the Iron Hands Legion itself or some other unknown factor is unclear and not knowable.


Astaftes after another, the worlds turned on their perverted overlords in mass rebellions. Their anger grew as time passed, and even extended to a resentment towards those loyal Legions who could not protect the Emperor. Bannus had been terribly mutilated by the twisted aliens, and it was Paullian himself who performed the tech-surgery that enabled Bannus to continue to lead his Clan for centuries to come.

Trapped on his chamber, the Enthroned King, as he is known to his followers, is able to send hsnds his spirit to cultists across the galaxy, inspiring new heresies and preparing the field for his warband.

Most importantly, on the battlefield, the Iron Hands tempered mechanical logic with an edge of their Primarch’s wrath. When he finally removed his arms from the lava, the Wyrm was no more. It is said that some Iron Hands, those that survive the rigours of war and their own hate-fuelled self-mutilation, are no more than a brain encased in a ceramite shell. I will be following this.

Instead, ibdex several weeks, they were attacked by a fleet of Dark Eldar irkn, their flagship gutted and their Primarch captured and dragged irob the Webway. The Moirae Schism was one of the most divisive and widespread doctrinal conflicts to afflict the Adeptus Mechanicus since the Horus Heresy.

This proved to be their undoing, as the flesh they had neglected turned against them on Pandorax and drew them to madness. Whether this is the case, however, has become completely irrelevant in the front of the other corruption that has poured into the Tenth Legion’s bloodline over their ten thousand years of devotion to Nurgle.

Were it not for the Inquisitorial outposts keeping a constant watch upon it, there would be nothing about the planet indicating its dreadful past, and the horrors that it birthed.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Melrose Park, Illinois, United States. But the crew of the Titans, as well as the Titans themselves, were instead afflicted with the same mutating disease that ran its course among the Legionaries. Email to friends Share on Facebook – opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter – opens in a new window or tab Share astaartes Pinterest – opens in a new window or tab Add to watch list.

Index Astartes: Brotherhood of Steel

Finally, they found their Legion’s new homeworld, and began to prepare for the long work of bringing Nurgle’s vision for the galaxy into fruition: Welcome to The Bolter and Chainsword Register now to gain access to all of our features. The Salamanders Space Marine Chapter. Not all life on this daemon world is born of the Warp. At the dawn of the Imperium of Manbefore the Great Crusade had begun, the 20 gene-children of the Emperor of Mankindthe Primarchswere scattered across the known galaxy through the Warp in a mysterious accident due to the intervention of the Ruinous Powers of Chaos.

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It was later claimed by Nurgle during the incessant wars opposing the four Chaos Gods, and with the Iron Hands settling upon it, none of the other three Dark Gods have dared to contest that claim in millenia. They perceive weakness in everything around them, and prepare for the day when Ferrus will at last return to them; that time when they will stand firm with their Primarch in the final reunification of Mankind.

It would take only the smallest twists of fate for it to break. The Emperor of Mankind.

While the other Legions used augmetics as prosthetics, replacements for hans parts lost in war, the Iron Hands chose to replace viable, perfectly functional parts of themselves with mechanical equivalents, believing it made them stronger. To appease this solitude, they gather in squads of their own, and spearhead the advance of Iron Hands forces.

This is something the Iron Council will never risk, so their warning remains ungiven as their debate grinds ever on. The reverence the Iron Hands hold for the mechanical is represented by the Iron-Father, who has ties to the Cult Mechanicus as well as acknowledging the supreme divinity of the Emperor. Though the Diasporex knew that a powerful fleet of warships was hunting them and sought their destruction, they refused to leave the sector and move on to someplace safer. Posted 02 August – But he was too weak.

He created strange and powerful weapons and tools out of metal, shaping them with his living metal hands. While he manipulated the Blood Angels into journeying to their doom on Signus Prime, the contagion of Ferrus Manus and his sons was solely the work of the Dark Gods themselves: From Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum. They silently judged him, from the present and the past alike, staring at him and knowing what he had done adtartes and more importantly, what he had not done.