Irit Rogoff is a writer, teacher, curator and organiser. She is Professor of Visual Culture at Goldsmiths London University, a department she founded in This text is the first section of “What is a Theorist?”, see You can find Irit Rogoff’s extended deliberations on criticality in her recent text. Goldsmiths, University of London has launched a series of publications considering the discipline of visual cultures – one of those ushered in by Hall and .

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Neither police, nor pirates Rogoff, Irit.

Irit Rogoff

Artistic practice is being acknowledged as the production of knowledge and theoretical and curatorial endeavours have taken on a far more experimental and inventive dimension, both existing in the realm of potentiality and possibility rather than that of exclusively material production.

Was ist ein Kunstler. Giving subjects such as television, music, street fashion and mainstream cinema serious academic consideration was part of the cultural studies project: You can find Irit Rogoff’s extended deliberations on criticality in her recent text: In my own particular case this was a journey from a discipline called art history, via great roads of critical, theoretical study to some other and less disciplined place which for the moment and very provisionally we might call Visual Culture.

Regional Imaginaries Rogoff, Irit. The old boundaries between making and theorising, historicizing and displaying, criticising and affirming have long been lrit.

Prof. Irit Rogoff

Initially I came from a long, conventional and very anti intellectual training in art history which left me at its end at a complete loss on how to navigate the interstices between who I was, what I did and the world that I inhabited. Open Source Coming Soon.


A philosophy of curating. The Where of Now Rogoff, Irit. Mirzoeff,2nd ed. The publication is somewhat brief and chattily propositional; most akin to the experience of watching two papers and a panel discussion at a talk or conference.

What are you looking for? Contemporary Art from Turkey. What Do Museums Research. BAK is responsible for the website content. Comtemporary views on art and exhibitions. Vancouver, BC, and Aarau, Switzerland: With the work of Kutlug Ataman. Practice driven research has become a paradigm shift in contemporary knowledge production as well as an opportunity to repoliticise work through how it is done rather than what its subject matter is.

Oblique Points of Entry Rogoff, Irit. Public Program Joselina Cruz. TransGlobe publishing and Thames and Hudson, pp. Art and the Contemporary after Maria Hlavajova and Simon Sheikh, eds. Curated Shelf Contact us.

Counter Knowledges and Permissions. The Visual Culture Reader.

Mika Rottenberg at Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art, London

Art explored how the work of a contemporary artist might provide pathways into a broader understanding of a culture by wrapping the art work in several layers of archives and performative reflection. Roughly speaking these emerged for me as: Rogodf Ataman and Irit Rogoff in conversation. Irit Rogoff is one of the initiators of the transdisciplinary field of Visual Culture and founder of the department at Goldsmiths.

In the s a concern with race and cultural difference which resulted in trying to take on the authority of ‘geography’ as a body of knowledge with political implications and currently a concern with questions of democracy and of what modes, parliamentarian and performative, might be open to us to take irt in it, which I am currently thinking about as an exploration of participation and of what does it mean to take part in visual culture beyond the roles it allots us as viewers or listeners.


Becoming Research Rogoff, Irit. One is after all always at fault, this is a permanent and ongoing condition, since every year we become aware of a new and hitherto unrealised perspective which illuminates further internal cultural injustices. Geography’s Visual Culture Rogoff, Irit.

Her current work is on new practices of knowledge production and their impact on modes of research, under the title of The Way We Work Now forthcoming. Her initiatives to establish this new field are led by a belief that we must work beyond bodies of inherited disciplinary knowledge and find motivation for knowledge production in the current conditions we are living out. Rogoff works at the meeting ground between contemporary practices, politics and philosophy.

And so the question becomes: Previous Related Public program. And the recent appearance of a website called sellyoulater.