These topics include IPv4 and IPv6 network configuration, managing TCP/IP 1. Oracle Solaris TCP/IP Protocol Suite (Overview) The default is 10 seconds. Oracle Solaris Administration: IP Services Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Information An IPMP configuration typically consists of two or more physical interfaces on the . For IPMP configuration tasks, refer to Chapter 31, Administering IPMP (Tasks). Oracle Solaris IPMP involves the following software: You can configure one of the interfaces down to 10 megabits and still place the two interfaces into the.

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Instead, these failovers might choose an active interface with fewer data addresses that are configured as UP than the standby interface.

How to configure Solaris 10 Link Based IPMP

Because IPv4 addresses are a limited resource for many sites, you might want to use non-routeable RFC private addresses as test addresses. However, some platforms provide other methods.

Network access includes IPv4 unicast, multicast, and broadcast traffic, as well as IPv6 unicast and multicast traffic.

After an interface fails, the test addresses remain on the failed interface so that in. Consult your confihuration documentation for details.

Administering Mobile IP Tasks. Thus, the interface receives the same configuration that it would have received after system boot. Arena-Node1 dladm show-dev eg0 link: NIC qfe0 of group testgroup1 is not plumbed for IPv6 and may affect failover capability This message should appear when you have configured a test address for an interface. Planning an IPv6 Network Tasks 5. Consequently, you must not mark IPv6 link-local addresses as deprecated.

For example, to configure hme0 with an IPv6 test address, you would type the following: Probe-based failure detection uses target systems to determine the condition of an interface. This message indicates that interface hme0 was added to IPMP group testgroup1. In general, you can use any IPv4 address on your subnet as a test address.


Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. After detecting that a NIC has been repaired, IPMP performs failbackthe process of switching network access back to the repaired interface.

Preventing Applications From Using Test Addresses After you have configured a test address, you need to ensure that this address is not used by applications. Awesome article and nicely explained.

Configuring IPsec Tasks Introducing IPv6 Overview 4. For example, you can use the ifconfig command to obtain the status of a standby interface. For a repair detection time of 10 seconds, the probing rate is approximately one probe every two seconds. Multicast memberships that are associated with Link-Based Failure Detection Link-based failure detection is always enabled, provided that the interface supports this type of failure detection. In this example, physical interface and data address are paired together.

IPMP also provides load spreading of packets for systems with multiple interfaces. Occasionally, a physical interface or the networking hardware attached to that soalris might fail or require maintenance.

Planning an IPv6 Network Tasks 5. In a dual-stack environment, placing the IPv4 instance of an interface under a particular group automatically places the IPv6 instance under the same group. IP Security Architecture Reference. Its really awesome article. However, when a failure or repair is detected on an interface that is not configured into an IPMP group, no failover or failback occurs.

The default value for failure detection time is 10 seconds. The minimum repair detection time is twice the ln detection time, 20 seconds by default, because replies to 10 consecutive probes must be received.


IP Security Architecture Reference. IP Security Architecture Overview. Target Systems Probe-based failure detection uses target systems to determine the condition of an interface. Due to these restrictions, you must use the ifconfig command to mark any test addresses as deprecated and -failover prior to setting the interface as standby.

If one interface in the un is to become the standby interface, do not configure a test address for ipmmp interface at this time. Do not use DHCP on data addresses.

How to configure Solaris 10 Probe based IPMP – The Geek Diary

Consequently, do not create two ippm group names where the only difference is that one name also contains a space. You should configure only test addresses on a opmp interface.

By default, only link-based failure detection detects physical link failures is enabled but probe-based failure detection detects failures on IP layer is disabled:.

Self Paced Courses Live Webex. If the cable for bge0 is unplugged, then link-based failure detection will report both bge0 and bge as having instantly failed.

The recipient of these addresses is a functioning interface in the failed interface’s IPMP group. If you want the configuration to be invoked in the current session, do steps 1, configurqtion, and, optionally 3.

Repair detection assumes that you have enabled failbacks. Configuring IKE Tasks Configuring netmasks and default gateway in zones Solaris