In cases of acute intoxication with propane butane (due to damage in heating appliances where propane-butane is used as energy source for heating), asphyxia. Butane is an organic compound with the formula C4H10 that is an alkane with four carbon . It enters the blood supply and within seconds produces intoxication. Butane is the most commonly misused volatile substance in the UK, and was the. Butane is a commonly misused volatile agent, and a cause of intoxication. We present a case, who had a syncope and persistent ventricular.

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Guinea pigs, 3 animals per every concentration-time combination. She was found comatose and needed resuscitation. Repeated magnetic resonance imaging over the following weeks revealed disintegration of gray matter, increasing butanr atrophy, and destruction of basal ganglia.

As per the Law relating to information storage and personal integrity, you have the right to oppose art 26 of that lawaccess art 34 of that law and rectify art 36 of that law your personal data.

Butane at a concentration of 10, ppm min exposure can be regarded as a boundary for the drowsiness reported; although some drowsiness may be noticed, it will not be experienced as discomfort. The concentration-response curve was very steep, with LC Retrieved 11 December However, a large uncertainty factor imtoxication not necessary considering the steep concentration-response curve; a large factor also would lead to unrealistically low AEGL-2 values that would be similar to the AEGL-1 values.

She was found unconscious and required mechanical ventilation for 5 h. The boy had undergone an operation for a cardiac ventricular septal defect at the age of The early diagnosis and the symptomatic treatment were associated with favourable evolution in the two cases. Data Quality and Research Needs The database for intoxicatipn is poor and important studies date back to the s or s. The results of microbial mutation test for forty-three industrial chemicals; pp.


Groups of 3- 6 human subjects male and female, ages years. Therefore, the starting point for the min and the 1- 4- and 8-h values were the 2-h steady-state value of 50, ppm. Second, no noticeable irritation was reported at concentrations up toppm for a short duration exact duration unknown.

Rhabdomyolyse aiguë lors d’une intoxication au butane. À propos de deux cas – EM|consulte

The effects are attributed to butane itself and no relevant differences in kinetics are assumed. It is used as a petrol component, as a feedstock for the production of base petrochemicals in steam crackingas fuel for cigarette lighters and as a propellant in aerosol sprays such as deodorants.

Slight effects on the respiratory rate were reported in guinea pigs exposed to butane at 21, ppm for up to 2 h. Its main uses are in the production of chemicals like ethylene and 1,3-butadiene, as a refrigerant, as an aerosol propellant, as a constituent in liquefied petroleum gas, and as the main component of gas lighter refills. Light anesthesia can be considered serious enough to impair escape, and could be used as basis for AEGL Rats Shugaev exposed rats sex and strain not specified to varying concentrations of butane for 4 h.

Nihon Hoigaku Zasshi; These data are only briefly described because they provide no clear dose-response data and, for abuse cases, subjects generally have a history of repeated exposure, so tolerance to butane could have developed Evans and Raistrick Non Fluorinated Propellants and Solvents for Aerosols.


Acute Exposure Guideline Levels. The chamber concentration was monitored continuously. Butane concentrations in his tissues were highest in fat 4. Therefore, AEGL-3 values are based on animal data.

Butane intoxication–three case reports.

Anesth Essays Res ;9: American Journal of Applied Sciences. Exposure to butane atppm for 2 h was lethal to 4 of 10 mice; the average time of death was 84 min. Isobutane is primarily used by refineries to enhance increase the octane intoxicaiton of motor gasoline. This article has been cited by 1 Fatal poisoning by butane sniffing: The min value is supported by human data. National Academy Press; Thus, after reaching steady state within 30 min of exposureno increase in effect size is expected at 4 and 8 h.

About alcohol What is alcohol? The lowest concentration at which ventricular fibrillation occurred was approximately 35, ppm estimated from a graph ; epinephrine was injected after 2 min. Case Reports Substance abuse is one of the predominant causes of death from butane intoxication.

Although a table in the report indicated that exposure to butane at 10, ppm intoxicafion 10 min caused drowsiness, this was contradicted by a statement in the text that min exposure to butane 10, ppm caused no symptoms. Sitemap What’s New Feedback Disclaimer.

It is poorly soluble in water.