Interferometria Holografica Digital – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Esta basado en el estudio sobre la Interferometria Holografica. Gesualdi, M.R.R. () Técnicas de Interferometria Holográfica Usando Cristais Fotorrefrativos da Família das Silenitas Universidade de São Paulo, Instituto. Meaning of interferometria in the Portuguese dictionary with examples of use. Synonyms Técnicas de interferometria holográfica usando cristais O objetivo .

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The laser beam had an output power of 30 mW and nm wavelength. Qualitative analysis of stress distribution in tooth-implant and implant-supported prosthesis by means of holographic interferometry method. Holography also allows tension distribution analysis along all the sample extension. The hemi-mandible was subjected to a g static load.

Calcif Tissue Int ; In fact, stress transmission in the experimental conditions was twice as large as in the control group. The hemi-mandibles were placed in such a way that load incidence would be at the incisal edge of the canine, simulating occlusion with the opposing tooth. The reconstructed image of the hologram contains most of the information of the object. Shchepinov V, Pisarev VS.

When activated, the laser illuminated the surface of the tension-free hemi-mandible holografics was reflected object beamreaching the holographic film.

Chorres I ; Antonio C. Govaert L, Dermaut L. Effects of headgear traction on the facial skeleton of the monkey: They stated that formalin fixing causes agglutination of collagenous fibers. In addition, there was an approximate two-fold difference between the fresh-fixed and fresh-macerated states.

Eur J Orthod ; Strain and stress analysis by holography and speckle interferometry. Two-dimensional photoelastic stress analysis of traumatized incisor. Thus, the load cell measures local deformation, and it is known that the elasticity module of the bone depends also on its location. Fresh hemi-mandibles were thus seen to transmit less tension than the corresponding fixed and macerated samples.


For example, to study occlusal force dissipation, it is possible to verify the course of the ohlografica lines in the entire craniofacial complex, in addition to the underlying bone.

Holographic interferometry method for assessment of static load stress distribution in dog mandible

Photoelastic analysis of stress distribution on parallel and angled implants after installation of fixed prostheses. This method, however, is not as accurate as holographic interferometriia because it uses only the object beam to form the image. Campos I ; Lena K.

Location of the centre of resistance of the upper dentition and the nasomaxillary complex. The incidence of laser light upon the developed film showed the image of the mandible with a pattern of fringes, caused by the interference produced by superimposing the two holograms.

The mandibular ramus was fixed in a metal box by screws and self-polymerizing acrylic resin was poured into the box.

The principle of holographic interferometry states that the displacement caused by the action of a force on a body is directly proportional to the number of fringes, and its direction is perpendicular to that of the fringes. In a previous study 10moisture in fresh dog skulls may have influenced their results in comparison to macerated skulls, by making them less rigid and leading to a less pronounced displacement of bone.

The holographic images showed that: A laser is needed to produce a coherent, monochromatic light beam. The holographic interferometry method was efficient in quantifying and qualifying tension transmission.

Resolution is that of the order of the laser wavelength or that of a photographic film Em seguida, hologragica randomizadas em 2 grupos: These images show that the tensions created in the area of interferomettria of force are more intense and that these tensions are dissipated and absorbed as they are transmitted along the mandibular bone.

At the same time, beams from the same laser source holografjca the mirror. Finite elements study of the FlexiPost and FlexiFlange post system in a maxillary central incisor. Figures 45 and 6 show images of specimens of fixed right hemi-mandible, fresh left hemi-mandible and macerated left hemi-mandible, respectively.


Load transmission evaluation by removable distal-extension partial dentures using holographic interferometry. This study compared the transmission of tensions in fresh, fixed and macerated dog mandibles in order to clarify the diversity of behavior of bone tissues under dry and moist conditions.

The laser was emitted continually by a direct current power supply. Dry skulls are thus used as experimental models because, although they do not present cartilage and fibrous tissues, at least the trabeculae and other anatomic features are the same as those found in vivo.

The findings of this investigation suggest that the use of dry specimens in research and the inference of their results for an in vivo situation must be conservative.

Meaning of “interferometria” in the Portuguese dictionary

Brazilian Society for Dental Research; Therefore, tensions transmitted were more intense than in fresh samples, corroborating the results of Clerk et al. A difference in the direction of stress transmission was also observed. Despite some limitations of the use of macerated anatomical specimens as an experimental model for certain studies, holographic interferometry is an efficient method for measuring minute displacements and for analyzing tension distribution.

The theory of fringe formation in holographic interferometryhas been shown in other studies 14, Because the holographic method is highly sensitive to small bone displacements and deformations, and given the controversy among researchers as to the use of macerated skulls, and the difficulty of obtaining fresh post-mortem human skulls, the purpose of this study was to compare the distribution of tensions produced under static load in fresh controlmacerated and fixed dog mandibles.