Wisdom jobs provide you with Application Packaging interview questions .. What Is The Latest Version Of Wise Package Studio & Install Shield Admin Studio ?. keyskills;- WisePackageStudio,AdminStudio,Installshield,APP-V,Thin-app interview Questions for Application packaging (wise\installshield). Application Packaging and Virtualization Interview Questions | Advanced Technical Topics | Free Practice Test | Free Sample InstallShield.

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Windows Installer provides an application programming interface API that lets programmers and administrators see whether a specific application is installed on a machine.

Review the packaging requirements User Requirement Review. A transform is a windows installer file with the extension. This action execute only if either Execute sequence is run following User Interface sequence. The Main difference between packaging and re-packaging is that the source files does not come in the form of package in packaging where as in re-packaging they come in a form of a package, which might be MSI or legacy package such as executable, batch files, etc.

If there are a number of applications that require a specifically configured component, it would be possible to create a merge module that installs and configures that component.

Each of these tables contains instructions and set-up information. The following is the list of all MSI packaging tools:. The values of this registry key are deleted from the registry after it is processed, so that it will not run again.

Where as RUN key will execute everytime when user login the machine. Why are multiple MSIExec. Saves Space of the product by doing apt modifications to applications.


Rather you can help somebody in finding the answers. Clean installation and Un-Installation intervifw achieved by a process called Roll- Back. Once the installation is complete, the rollback script and the saved files are deleted.

Installshield interview questions- need answers – CodeProject

For example, the following command installs Package. Usually, these files are available in binary files which are provided by the developers, they are packaged from a package. Kernel services is also called as windows services. If the Current User have the elevated privileges Custom actions make changes in the system directlythen it should run in Deferred Execution in System Context only.

Application Packaging and Virtualization Interview Questions

See Nested Installation v Actions v Installation of an application that is advertised or inyerview installed. The qustions of ODBC is to allow the user to access data from any application. What is Conflict Management? In fully locked-down environments, users don’t generally have permission or the ability to install applications. List out few MSI repackaging tools?

A key path is a specific file, registry key, or ODBC data source that the package author specifies as critical for a given component. The following is a list of different type of sequences in custom actions:. How to apply multiple transforms to MSI? Application of small and minor update patches requires explicit reinstallations. No two components should use the same key path. It means that to prevent overwriting of previous versions of shared components, and ensures that other applications do not overwrite your version of shared components.

Exe file through silent mode? How to pause wisescript execution for sometime? Only the package code is changed.


Usually in it binary files provided by developers are packaged to form a package. The reason you got the answers you did is because this industry is full of people taking jobs that have no business being in because of a lack of knowledge like this. Make your job hunt success with prior preparation for the interview. Small and minor updates can be considered almost equal in that the only real difference is that a minor update has a change to the ProductVersion whereas a small update does not.

Applications can detect common installation problems at launch, like missing files or registry keys, and automatically repair themselves. Explain what is MSI? Top Rated Most Recent. Application recovery can also be improved. Patching is a streamlined process for updating earlier versions of a Windows Installer setup package i. When the user tries to open, it is installed upon demand. Upgrading of the application can be done with ease.

The Installer first installs the feature and then progresses through the actions specified in the sequence tables of the installation database.

As the name implies, the package code identifies a specific Instsllshield file. Also, they can pass on the transform file name at the command line string at the time of installation process. There is no restriction in terms of how many transforms can be supplied at the command line.