The European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles ( INREV), The INREV Guidelines provide fund managers and institutional investors with an integrated set of principles, guidelines and recommendations ( including. INREV Guidelines. Please wait while the page loads up About ANREV · Management · Committees · Working Groups · Young Professionals · Strategic. INREV and ANREV members have stimulated and strongly supported the establishment of industry guidelines over the past few years. INREV has developed an.

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The results of such assessment are summarised below:. Through the Global ESG Library, members will be enabled with robust and evolving depository of featured guirelines, papers, and case studies ranging from a variety of guideline locations most notably Europe, and Asia Pacific. The vehicle documentation should describe, on a module by module basis, the extent to which the vehicle aims to be in compliance with INREV Guidelines. INREV prepares briefing papers on a range of regulatory issues affecting the non-listed real estate industry, guielines as AIFMD and Solvency IImakes available consultation papers from the European Commission and other regulators, and also collaborates with other agencies to develop industry responses to public consultations, and more.

Luxembourg deepens its alternative fund roots Wed, Each quarter we publish articles on our Professional Standards activities. Industry standards enable consistency, allow peer-to-peer comparison and promote market transparency.

Standards | INREV

We recommend that investors and managers discuss and agree the nature guideline such assurance as part of the launch process. For example, the Due Diligence Questionnaire is now being used by 63 per cent of members, while usage of the Global Definitions Database is 54 per cent, and that of the Standard Data Delivery Sheet is 43 per cent.

Sustainability is one of the game changers impacting today’s business value. Managers should disclose all relevant INREV performance measures in accordance with performance measurement requirements. The Property Valuation module promotes best practices for valuation and aims to foster a common approach to the appraisal process.


Standards Overview

Auditors could give negative assurance on the degree to which INREV performance measurement requirements and recommendations are complied with. Depending on circumstances, tuidelines can give assurance or negative assurance on the INREV NAV and level of compliance with related disclosure requirements.

Further results from the survey showed that there was strong uptake of other key professional standards initiatives, too. Key research publications include: Management and non-executive officers should review the adequacy of the description of the corporate governance framework. As described in the vehicle documentation, the INREV property valuation framework module has been considered. The Guidelines form part of a growing suite of initiatives designed to promote effective, consistent and detailed management reporting.

The Global Standards Steering Committee has identified gaps and best practices between reporting standards and are working together towards global convergence.

Ihrev Guidelines encourage a meaningful dialogue about sustainability in the real estate investment sector. This page was last edited on 12 Januaryat As a pan-European body it represents a platform for the sharing and dissemination of knowledge on the non-listed real estate fund market.

The INREV Guidelines Assessments have been developed to gjidelines the compliance with these modules for managers as well as for investors.

Managers should describe in their annual report and vehicle documentation their corporate governance practices and the degree to which they adopt INREV best practices. Managers should calculate and disclose fee and expense metrics in accordance with fee and expense metrics requirements. Corporate governance refers to the structure, processes, policies and laws that determine how an investment vehicle is managed and controlled.

The GDD provides a common glossary of non-listed real estate terms. Luxembourg Fund Services Wed, These requirements leave no room for different interpretation: Reporting Reporting The reporting requirements represent a comprehensive and complete reporting framework to be easily set up for any type of investment vehicle, creating the transparency that today’s investors insist on.


In all cases, investment managers should present investors with a clear and accurate picture of the level of compliance with the INREV Guidelines. Fee and Expense Metrics.

As described in the vehicle documentation, the INREV fee and expense metrics framework module has been considered The manager has fully complied with the requirements and recommendations of the INREV fee and expense metrics module.

INREV members have encouraged and strongly supported the establishment of industry guidelines over the guidrlines few years and developed an integrated set of principles and recommendations guodelines tools and examples for governance and information provision for investors and investment managers and investors of non-listed real estate vehicles.

INREV – Wikipedia

Home News Professional bodies. INREV develops research reports and snapshots on key industry topics, analytic tools for performance analysis, benchmarking, fees analysis, and comparison, guidelines and professional standards, public affairs updates on regulations affecting the industry, events, training courses and webinars, and an online members directory.

Consistency in performance measurement is essential to achieving greater comparison. Managers should make disclosure corresponding to all relevant INREV sustainability reporting requirements and recommendations as a component of their annual or interim reports to investors. Investment managers should evaluate themselves against such best practice frameworks and disclose their level of adoption.

Managers should describe their property valuation policies and the degree to which they have adopted INREV valuation best practices in their annual report and vehicle documentation.

Many terms have been agreed to globally, while others are specific to Asian, European and North American standards, guidelines and data products. Global Markets Outlook The assessment for the Performance measurement module will be added soon.