The SAP BW InfoSource is a concept which used to be mandatory in a 3.x dataflow. It is a view that had to be created between the DataSource and InfoProvider. In the BW Processing Transfer Rules, individual DataSource fields are assigned to the corresponding InfoObject of the InfoSource. Here you. SAP BW Data Flow – Learn SAP BW in simple and easy steps starting from Overview of BI Objects − InfoSource, DataStore objects, InfoCube, InfoObjects, and.

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Have you ever lie on your resume? Use You use InfoSources if you want to run two or more sequential transformations in the data flow, without storing the data again. Your article is very informative, thanks for posting it An InfoSource bl quantity of information that logically belongs together, summarized into a single unit. You create transformations for an InfoProvider as the target with an InfoSource as the sourceand for an InfoSource as the target with a DataSource as the source.

The required business rules are applied in the subsequent transformation between the InfoSource and the target. You can use these four fields as selection conditions when loading infsoource using an InfoPackage.

These Virtual providers can be defined as InfoProviders where transactional data is not stored in the object. The cell icon changes from to. When you move the data from one BI object to another BI object, the data is using a transformation.


BW created a communication structure for us automatically based on the characteristic attribute information. It prepares consolidated data for updating to the data targets. An extensive library of transformation functions that contain business logic can be used here to perform data cleansing and to make the data analyzable.

SAP BW Data Flow

The first option, InfoObject,is the default—the simple one-to-one mapping. Checking Loaded Characteristic Data.

You can use different transformation, rule types from the list of available rules and you can create simple to complex transformations. Click to activate all transfer rules. This allows you to access data in the BI source system directly. The required business rules are executed in the central transformation so that you only have to modify the one transformation in order to change the business rules.

Creating an InfoSource for Transaction Data SAP BW

Double-click the InfoSource to create sal communication structure. When you want to load the related data from different datasources to the data targetsInfosource comes into picture. To improve future query performance,it is recommended that we calculate the sales revenue and save this result in the fact table,rather than calculate the sales revenue during a query run. Study The impact of Demonetization across sectors Most important skills required to get hired How startups are innovating with interview formats Does chemistry workout in job interviews?


Now we can clearly see that an InfoSource is simply a communication structure.

use of infosource in SAP BI

A status message Communication Struct. How to design your resume? The following figure shows how InfoSources are integrated into the data flow: See zap Recommendations for Using InfoSources.

See the note for Screen. If you select this indicator, only one source system can be used in the assignment dialog. Making a great Resume: BW proposes a transfer structure based on the information of the communication structure. Enter a name for the Transfer routine,select the option All fields,and then click to continue. If you do not have transformations that run sequentially, you can model the data flow without InfoSources. Under the Transfer rules tab,the simple one-to-one mappings appear in the left table,called Communication str.

SAP BW InfoSource

The data in an InfoSource is updated to an InfoProvider using a transformation. Sap Bw Interview Questions. Structure In contrast to 3. Checking Data Quality Summary. Transformation is created between a source and a target system.