If there is a cube with uncompressed requests and 10 dimensions (every dimension brings with it a local bitmap index) than there are. step-by-step process to create Re-Partitioning of Info Cube in SAP-BI. (1). students. Created by KUNCHAM Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. Last updated 4/. Sap BW Info cube partitioning. 1. Info cube partitioning InfoCube Partitioning So what is partitioning and why do it? You use partitioning to.

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Infocubd always check on google before making doc. This will cause unacceptable query response times if there are too many partitions. Furthermore it is likely that if one “partition-disaster” infected parritioning will be found, there will be others as well. Where necessary, limit the maximum number of partitions. If you choose 30 as the maximum number of partitions, resulting from the value range of 74 single values As shown abovethe system groups three months at a time together in a partition meaning that a partition corresponds to exactly one quarter.

The partitioning in the infocube also is done exactly in the same partitiojing as the DSO. Very good article Saurabh. June 23, at 9: The performance gain is only achieved for the partitioned InfoProvider if the time characteristics of the InfoProvider are consistent. Instead of having one read process that searches the complete fact table for the required information, several read processes can be executed in parallel in the individual partitions.

Former Member Post author.

infocue Created by Former Memberlast modified on Jan 05, November parrtitioning, at The partition can be created only if a time characteristic is present as the key of the DSO. Records 2 and 3 are not consistent: With the Launch of the BW 7. The partitions are accessed simultaneously during the query processing and then the result is consolidated to provide the final output.


And since the E table partitioning is handed over to all aggregates at least to those that contain the corresponding partitioning time characteristicthe amount of partitions due to E facttables must be multiplied parhitioning the number of aggregates over that cube and may in total sum up substantially in certain scenarios.

Former Member Post author. Numerous questions on this note made it necessary to talk a bit about E tables here as well since E facttables may also be partitioned. Partitioning is an activity that happens at the database level logical partitioning is not discussed here and with 7.


When you activate the InfoProvider, the system creates the table on the database with one of the number of partitions corresponding to the value range. Search or use up knfocube down arrow keys to select an item.

Any attempts to switch on partitioning after the activation has taken place and the cube has data regardless whether in F or E table is not supported at all. Where necessary, limit the maximum number of partitions, the SAP recommended optimal maximum number of partitions isso partitioninh this when planning the range spilt. When you click on the create Partitkoning, you get the following screen, this can be used to create a new template for the DTP or use and existing one. But I have one quetion: November 28, 4 minute read.

December 2, at 7: This is indeed helpful for BW Developer to start thinking about partitioning that helps improve report performance.


Partitioning mechanism on an Infocube – SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse – SCN Wiki

Transformation created for this SPO: This new infocune is based on the premise that this object can be partitioned using characteristics other than the time characteristics.

At least one of the two InfoObjects must be contained in the InfoProvider.

InfoCube partitioning is done at database level and can be based on one of the following date based info objects:. The following screen shows two partitions created based on the company code and the 0calmonth.

With portioning, the structure of a InfoCube table in database systems will basically be defined to use a partitioning field to physically divide it into several database areas tables, blocks, etc. On the F table, every partition must be accessed for every query because there is no effective restriction on the P-dimension partitioning key on the F facttable, and due to load performance the indexes on the F table are all local indexes.

The performance gain is only gained for the partitioned InfoCube if the time dimension of the InfoCube is consistent. Click on OK to further come to this screen and continue creating transformation: After selecting the required time characteristic and clicking ok, you get the following screen asking to enter the time interval. If a statistics update will be done, all these