Package graphicx provides a useful keyword viewport which allows to show just a part of \includegraphics[rviewport=0 0 1,clip]{vitruvian}. syntax of the graphicx \includegraphics is mod- eled after . Table 2: \ includegraphics Cropping Options viewport. Specify what portion of the graphic to view. \begin{figure}[htp] \centering \includegraphics{erptsqfit} to force LaTeX to ignore the stuff outside the limits you specify by “viewport”. The stuff.

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I am glad that this is the number one Google result, as it viewoprt be! They are taken relative to the origin specified by the bounding box.

How to insert figures into LaTeX articles

Unofficial LaTeX2e reference manual. See here for more information on units. Heiko Oberdiek inlcudegraphics 17 The graphic will be shown so its bounding box has this height plus depth.

Or could u help me with a template with a makefile and a sample image included, I just dont know whether eps is becoming obsolete but it viepwort taking ages to be compiled. To override a prior setting of trueyou can set it to false. Is it the makefile problem?


\includegraphics (LaTeX2e unofficial reference manual (July ))

What if you want to place several graphs side-by-side with subfigbut all or some of the graphs have a white border taking up a lot of space. The inclkdegraphics will set the image size based on CropBox if present, otherwise it will not use one of the others, with a driver-defined order of preference. Actually the following example subtracts 13 in both cases:. June at When one optional argument is present then it is [ urxury ] and it gives the coordinates of the top right corner of the image, as a pair of TeX dimensions see Units of length.

In this case, the lower left corner of the image is assumed to be at 0,0. Do not write information to the log.

July at See also the trim option. Specify them in a key-value form, as here. February at When I check the viewport coordinates in gsview, they look correct, both at the original high resolution ppi and the attached 30ppi image. That is, Includegrahpics will ensure that neither is the graphic wider than width nor taller than height or totalheight.

So the first graphic above is made one inch wide and then rotated, while the second is rotated and then made one inch wide. This differs from the height if the graphic was rotated. The graphics bundle user guide has more details and a includegraphixs list of options available.


It has four values, giving the lower x coordinate, lower y coordinate, upper x coordinate, and upper y coordinate.

The graphic is rotated about its origin ; see that option. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The options are read left-to-right. Include a graphics file. February at 8: Sign up using Email and Password.

Thanks for your comment. Without seeing any code, I suggest you try to convert your eps-image to pdf. This is certainly a bug in synctex but… do you have any experience on this? Thus, unless the graphic is perfectly square, the two will end with different widths and heights. The character viewporrt gives the horizontal center in bc or tcbut gives the vertical center in lc or rc.