In the Absence of the Sacred has ratings and 42 reviews. Without guilt trips or a lot of generalizations, author Jerry Mander highlights how so many tribes. In his bestseller, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, Jerry Mander argued that television is, by its very nature, a harmful technology. Editor’s note: I can’t recommend enough Jerry Mander’s book, In the Absence of the Sacred: The Failure of. Technology and the Survival of the Indian .

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I love the comment from his publisher at the beginning of the book “Indians, smindians…” like who gives a damn anymore about Indians. In the nineteenth century, such conflicts took place across the Plains states.

But while this would ths improved the reading experience, the value of the criticism is the same. Mander has nothing to say about this. Aug 31, Markdilley rated it it was amazing. The Great Law, which was oral, served as its constitution. At any rate, Mander does a passable job of explaining how technology can be incredibly problematic and disruptive to all cultures, and especially indigenous ones.

We speak Dakota, and of course English However, for the reader who knows nothing about critiques of technology or indigenous people, this book is a fine place to start. They lived in the cities and made their living as auto mechanics or other blue-collar jobs. Jerry Irwin Manser born May 1, [1] is an American activist and author, best known for his book, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television.


People have been separated from their emergent places, and are not mandeg in their language. In his Four Arguments he wrote:.

Jerry Mander – Wikipedia

Mander has been studying these issues for many years and is often jerr at presenting the other side of the story, which absende essential in such a racist country as the United States.

I’ll never forget the look in his eyes when he told me about it. Since the dawn of the technological era, he says, the only consistent opposition has come from land-based native peoples. In he founded the first non-profit advertising agency in the United States, Public Interest Communications. The word games have just gotten more sophisticated in the sense that sophistication has or to do with using ambiguous language so you can bullshit your way out of any criticism than with precision in sharing ideas.

Oh I think his thesis is that most technology is bad but he didn’t really spell it out in the beginning so I may be wrong.

Seems like the author reiterates the same thing over and over. Fenelon has interviewed people on the reservation and here are seven examples of the rather diverse forms of tribal and national identity: The Failure of Technology and the Survival of the Indian Nations” represents a very important but misguided tendency in the world-wide movement for indigenous peoples’ rights.

Author is very pessimistic and reactionary. Nov 13, Carolyn rated it it was amazing.


It takes courage because sometimes these books reveal the ugly side of the world. There mznder some moves to use our volcanoes as rather efficient garbage dumps, but do we know what the impact of that might really be?


In the case of the Dene, the alternative was there to begin with, namely their traditional way of life. Alternatives to Economic Globalization: Delivery and Returns see our delivery rates and policies thinking of returning an item?

Oct 27, Zozulya rated it it was ok Shelves: The second part of the book, a description of native peoples’ struggles within the technology-based socio-economic culture that is dominating the world, is excellent.

It also means resisting the tools of the outside world, such as the computer. The Indians of the United States are facing a fundamental challenge with respect to resources like oil, coal, gas and absrnce. Just because they aren’t being used responsibly now, like television, doesn’t mean they couldn’t ever be.

Jerry Mander (by L. Proyect)

Paternalistic intercession is less useful than self-organization and self-defense of the Indian peoples. Audible Download Audio Books. Oct 01, Lindsay rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The only conclusion you can draw is that Mander thinks the fight is between poor, defenseless, “pure” traditional peoples and the government and corporations.

Mander takes issue with the widespread notion that technology is neutral and that only people determine whether its effects are good or bad.