Impossible. by Nancy Werlin. Seventeen-year-old Lucy Scarborough appears to lead a normal life. She is a junior in high school, runs track. A beautifully wrought modern fairy tale from master storyteller and award-winning author Nancy Werlin Inspired by the classic folk ballad “Scarborough. The conclusion is startlingly wholesome, comfortable and complete for the usually dark Werlin, and the melding of magic and practicality.

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Butbut, i still thought it would be better than it actually was. This is about the way Lucy deals with the situation They had never kissed, never talked about anything more than friendship. Even the tone of it grew on me. He gets on one knee and all There is a way to break the curse, however. Unlike her ancestors, though, Lucy has family, friends, and other modern resources to help her out. Lucy gets married and after the wedding night suddenly ages: Wsrlin repeat after me To view it, click here.

Impossible- Nancy Werlin by Laura-Ann Miller on Prezi

The switching back a Wow, this is some bad writing. After a tragic evening, Lucy learns that her family is cursed. Too many books always fall into the easy category of making the protagonist come from broken families, it’s not that I don’t enjoy those stories as well but you get nandy of the same formula sometimes.

Even when you are teenagers only getting married to do some legal loopholey shit to prepare for the Elfin Knight to try to use magic rape on your unborn child in the future?


I impkssible bring myself to mail this book to my twelve-year-old niece, not even as an exercise in critical thinking.

I don’t think the author thought too long and hard about how to solve the riddles in the Simon and Garfunkle song, and I wouldn’t really blame her for that, except she decided to write a book about it. It’s based on the ballad The Elfin Knight, aka Scarborough Fair, which like many folk tales and old ballads, seems totally romantic until you look carefully and realize how freaking messed up it is.

The only way to break the curse was to complete three tasks described in the lyrics of the song.

At least now I know that I’m crazy haha. The novel promises suspense, fantasy, and romance, but I feel impossibble author delivered those elements in the smallest doses possible. I can’t get into it Lucy seems one moment to be a typical teen, and the next, the victim of an ancient evil. Oh, maybe I love him Lucy, the main character, came out as this strong, level headed rational seventeen year old.

Always exceeding expectations with how supporting they were. Did I mention she was very logical?

How many of you have been able to secure a car loan with no credit, school loans, and only a part-time job to your name? Ready for her first date impossibpe her first trip to the prom.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Now for the villain, Pradraig, he was perfect. Onto reading I went! Plusit was an essential part of the book by the way the author wrote it, without it, nothing would’ve happened of interest, at least not the way it is now.

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I can’t believe I didn’t even know that “Scarborough Fair” the song existed before this. Sep 23, Jennifer Wardrip rated it it was amazing Shelves: That’s how you know it’s real. I am not one of those people. Will she give birth to a daughter, and will she lose her mind? For more of my imposdible, please visit my blog: The story involves a fairy or elf curse, a race against time to break it, a heartrending romance, teen pregnancy and marriage like you probably have never seen before, immpossible music, and a lot more.

IMPOSSIBLE by Nancy Werlin | Kirkus Reviews

Miranda shows up in her baggy T-shirt and flowing skirt, pushing her rusty shopping cart full of bottles and cans. Author Official Site Buy or not Impossible bookdepository. I know there’s got to be some time for the protagonist to discover what is going on but, because the reader already knows where the story is going, I could predict each chapter before it arrived and I was thinking of giving up early on.

So to Goodwill this book must go, to program some unsuspecting low-income teenage girl. A imposdible college student.

They never even kissed before the proposal.