IMEA Etudes. Č. Updating Ċ. (k). Matthew Kastor,. May 31, , AM. v.1 · ď. Ċ. (k). Matthew Kastor. Please print out these scales and etudes to prepare for your ILMEA auditions! ILMEA Etudes (listed below IMEA Etude Set 3 Alto Bass Contra Clarinet. ILMEA Etudes Set 3 – Flute · ILMEA Etudes Set 3 – Oboe · ILMEA Etudes Set 3 – Bassoon · ILMEA Etudes Set 3 – Clarinet · ILMEA Etudes Set 3 – Saxophone.

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Audition Requirements Cycle 2 | All-Illinois Junior Band

Prospective music majors and minors are required to demonstrate their ability on Snare Drum and Mallet Keyboard, but are encouraged to also audition on Timpani and Imsa Set.

Graduate Performance And Pedagogy Majors: Graduate Collaborative Piano Majors: South Street, Woodstock, IL. Prestissimo by Karl L. Please see audition repertoire requirements below. Sight-read a brief excerpt selected by the piano faculty.

Jazz performance majors are required to play drum set. If you look at the statistics, to be chosen as a participant in either of these groups is an honor and is a demonstration of your exemplary ability.

An accompanist will be provided. Applicants should be prepared to play major and minor scales and arpeggios Applicants should choose 2 selections- one fast and one slow- from repertoire such as the following:. Not sure of what to play?


The Etudes and Packets for every instrument are below. Collaborative Piano audition requirements. A percussion candidate will be scheduled a minute audition on the announced audition days in the spring semester.

For more information regarding the audition process, feel free to contact the instructor of your specific instrument. Audition requirements are listed in either of these documents: The Audition Date for the upcoming school year have been announced: Email Here Guitar suggested audition repertoire Audition requirements are listed in either of these documents: Leave a Reply Cancel imsa Your email address will not be published.


Email Here Back to top. Finally, if you have questions or concerns about this audition repertoire, please feel free to contact me at cbutler siu.

Tenor Saxophone Swing Etude #3

Set 2 Winds only Excerpts to be chosen from: Technical requirements will include solid proficiency in all Major and minor scales and arpeggios, hands together, 4 octaves at a minimum metronome speed of 80, 4 notes per beat. School of Music holds auditions on-campus and by appointment. College of Liberal Arts. A lyrical etude such as one of the selections on pp. The student auditions for the appropriate faculty for acceptance to their chosen program of study.

This one day festival takes place in November. Examples include 45 or 31 from Fundamental Method for Timpani Peters. Email Here Back to top Voice suggested audition material Any two contrasting art songs from the following or similar collections: E and F Simandl: The band generally involves about students, and there are two jazz bands of about 27 students each.

They should bring sheet music as an accompanist will be provided.

Students successfully represent WHS at IMEA

The Scale Sheet, the Etude, and the excerpts of music. The School of Music requires all Prospective Students to audition as part of their admission requirements. However, live auditions are preferred and will have greater weight on scholarship decisions. Here, in MS Word.


Typically 8th grade students are chosen, but we have had 7th grade students chosen in the past. You may print only the page you need. Audition For Accompanying Graduate Assistantship: Aural skills may be assessed by singing several short phrases played first on the piano.

Perform a prepared solo accompaniment optional Perform 2 contrasting etudes one melodious and the other technical Not sure of what to play? The Illinois Grade School Music Association is a professional music education and advocacy organization.

Email Here Back to top Bassoon suggested audition repertoire Applicants should be prepared to play major and minor scales and arpeggios Applicants should choose 2 selections- one fast and one slow- from repertoire such as the following: Auditionees are expected to present themselves professionally.

Monday, February 18, All audition dates are for incoming students and transfer students. If a personal audition is not possible, you may submit an online video recording.

Jazz Saxophone if interested in Jazz Studies: For auditions any other time of the year, please contact Professor Butler. Please contact the instructor of your specific instrument if you would like to audition this way. Concert Band auditions will be held at the same location. Present a memorized performance of a well-balanced solo program of a minimum of 30 minutes length including at least 3 different style periods from the standard Classical literature.

All audition material selected should be representative of the highest level possible for the individual player.