Icharger B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Icharger B User Manual. Read online or download PDF • Page 4 / 33 • ProgressiveRC B iCharger User Manual • ProgressiveRC Power suppliers. My iCharger B was one of the earliest released so it has firmware version where as current models are shipping with version

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I am told some native English speakers have helped clean it up a bit and it does show as it is a lot better than some manuals I have read eg. In the first row we can see that the cell voltage is displayed very accurately and the pack voltage in the second row is also quite accurate.

Mar 26, The other four columns are all part of the secondary menu level so you press “Inc” and “Dec” to move between. To test this claim I charged a 3S LiPo pack in balance mode and measured the voltage shortly after the termination of the charge. The iCharger has protection for reversed polarity input or outputlow input voltage, manal temperature, charging capacity and time overrun.

Also shown in the picture above is a 16 AWG output cable with banana plugs and a Deans style plug. This isn’t an advertisement for ProgressiveRC, but since my experience with the B includes my purchase and accessories available from that retailer I would be remiss not to at least mention where I got everything shown. My compliments on the graphic design, more eye-catching than the plain blue of the original Chargery units.

In this mode, the charger acts as 2008b convenient power supply for a hot wire foam cutter. For me this was my first charger with this kind of menu so I had to refer to the manual a lot and I felt like the information was very disconnected and I would often have to reference 2 or 3 sections of the manual just to figure out how to change a specific setting.

Basically you can use any power supply you want as long as its output voltage manua, 4. Do not use a standard USB cable with the B. Similarly, LiFe A packs of cells can be charged in balance mode or cells in unbalanced mode.

Where and when can those be purchased? Connection Sequence According to our engineer, the main charging port and the balance port has reversed polarity protection respectively. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. The charger may say it just charged my cells to 3. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. Install the iCharger B USB driver directions for this located on the same page Run the upgrader program that came on the CD or website location given in the manual Connect the USB cable provided with the charger Select the B in the device list Click the “Open” and select the new firmware file optionally follow the directions on how to download the firmware Click “Update Sign up now to remove ads mabual posts.


iCharger 208B Manuals

As shown in the picture to the right, the following come in the box: If any individual cell appears over-charged or over-discharged or the pack is too hot or the process has gone on for too long, the iCharger will generate an alarm sound and the related information will blink. I’d hate to support two languages in my software so I don’t begrudge the software authors, but make sure you know how to find the meaning of words like “Ja”, “Nein”, and “Abbrechen” as you won’t get very far into using LogView before encountering them.

Mar 27, For these examples assume that the charger settings are adequate and do not need adjusted. For this review I will be using version 3. Pages of the manual pages of the old version describe the basics in how to connect the B to LogView so I won’t repeat them here. Lithium packs of cells can be charged in balanced or unbalanced mode.

Chemistry and cell count Pack volts Charge current mAh charged into the battery or discharged Elapsed time Cell voltages Termination voltage Capacity safety cut-off point Safety timer cut-off point Temperature cut-off point Internal and external temperature Supply voltage Pressing “Start” will always cause the initial screen to display which contains the first five items that are listed above.

Since these additional measurements are error prone I use them as a basis for comparison only. Before I show pictures of B charging plots displayed in LogView I should mention that while LogView has a English language setting, icharer of the German that the software writers use leaks through all over the place. I have three of the TP kind and am a big fan of them as they have the bulit in ability to connect balance taps in parallel and serial. Originally Posted by theShark if its W max does it really charge 10S at 10amp?


Last edited by junsi; Jun 26, at When you turn on the charger you are usually in a selection in one of the right four columns of the map shown below.

This is typically individual cell voltages, pack voltage, charge current, icharfer, charge aka capacityand temperature. Connect Li batteries’ balance port 3.

ProgressiveRC 208B iCharger User Manual

Canceling 2008b charge If at any time you wish to cancel the charge simply press the “Stop” button. Not only save the power but also make the charger size very smart, iicharger to use and convenient to take. However, the B does not require the use of the balance tap and can charge the full 20A in unbalanced mode which is no better than the chargers of old.

Return to Batteries and Chargers. Battery interior resistance measurement. This is the drawback of having a generic plotting utility that does not know how the data is associated with each other.

iCharger B+, B+, B, B, B and B – RC Groups

Pressing the “Enter” button causes you to move right again. The second example assumes the last battery charged is identical and all of the parameters are correct so nothing needs changed. Overall it works fairly well though and Junsi always has ichargger final say on everything, as you would expect. You can plot data from the B as it operates if plugged in via the USB cable or you can download saved data from the B flash memory.

Even if you only save every 10th or 20th plot this gives you the ability to record that data while in the field.

ProgressiveRC B iCharger User Manual | Page 4 / 33

I actually like the specs on the iChargerB shown in that document. Once you’ve had a few moments to practice navigating it is really pretty simple to understand and get around. And here is Trug ‘s blog: Upgrading steps posted by Julez! FAQ is attached, pls check it when it is useful for you.

Basically any cell combination of most any rechargeable chemistry with a termination voltage of 36 volts or less can be charged.