I Married a Dead Man [Cornell Woolrich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I Married a Dead Man. Cornell Woolrich. synopsis. Happenstance. Perhaps a wonderful bonanza, possibly an unmerciful future. Without thinking to possess it, . I Married a Dead Man is one of Cornell Woolrich’s best–known crime novels. The plot is convoluted but it works like a well-oiled machine.

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So the rescuers think that Helen is Patrice, and she gets a chance to start anew. Like in Chandler, the mood is as important as the story, and both are fairly heavy.

She goes from bliss to haunted in only a few sentences. Books by Cornell Woolrich.

I Married a Dead Man

But I get awfully tired of reading about the same happy hookers and highly capable, critical-but-nurturant wives all the time. I just couldn’t buy that after all they had been through, they couldn’t put this behind them as well.

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Even for Woolrich, this was an unusual work of suspense. This page was last edited on 26 Juneat I bought it for a film noir class, but we never got around to it, so I read it in my spare time, and I’m mn I did. There are no distracting subplots or contrived “twists” dropped into the novel to artificially “raise the stakes” for the heroine.


Information from the French Common Knowledge. And then things get really interesting. This book has a clever premise, which I won’t give away, but suffers throughout – particularly deav the beginning and end – from an overly melodramatic narrative that definitely dulls the fascination of seeing how the sort-of-heroine deals with her unique situation and the threats to the future of her and her child.

No no no no no. When she regains consciousness in the hospital, she discovers she has been mistaken for Patrice. A title that just makes you have to pick it up.

I Married A Dead Man by Cornell Woolrich

Con la solare Patrice nasce una simpatia istintiva e le due diventano subito amiche. And the ending makes no sense. Cornell Woolrich aka William Irish divine?

With herself and the car, the kingpin ii the middle that they never knocked down. I think Woolrich does take steps later in the novella to give a rationale to how the mistake could have come about and gives her a strong reason to maintain the fiction but it does require some pretty odd plot contortions to set everything in motion.

Become a LibraryThing Author. This one is a type of masterpiece to be sure, but a bit less accessible than the aforementioned.

I Married a Dead Man – Wikipedia

After Patrice hands Helen her wedding band so she can wash her hands in the rest room, the train crashes, killing the Hazzards, but Helen survives. His prose is almost brutal in its efficiency, as is his plotting.


On the train she is befriended by a woman who is also pregnant and travelling with her husband to meet his parents for the first time. The author is, however, a good observer of women, and Helen’s behavior and emotions seem pretty believable.

I Married A Dead Man is the story of a murder and the impact it has on a couple who ought to be enjoying a happily ever after.

I Married A Dead Man by Cornell Woolrich – Mysteries Ahoy!

It’s like reading some sort of out of control romance novel. The Cornell Woolrich Omnibus: Amazon Kindle 0 editions. But she did not murde Fear, paranoia, dread, anxiety, and desperation are dripping thickly off these pages. The story is of an abondoned pregnant girl who is given a ticket on a train, and j dollars. Retrieved from ” https: I’m being woolrcih here, because I don’t want to give away a single detail to anyone who has yet to read this book.