Hyphaene thebaica is distributed from Senegal and Gambia eastwards to Somalia, and is especially common between latitudes 8°N and 12°N. The Beneficial Dietary Hypotensive and Hypolipidaemic Effects of Hyphaene Thebaica (Doum). The Internet Journal of Alternative Medicine. Volume 7 . The doum palm (Hyphaene thebaica) is a type palm tree which has a wood texture and has edible oval fruits and the origin native to upper Egypt. The trunk of.

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It tends to grow in areas where groundwater is present and is found along the Nile River in Egypt and Sudanin riverine areas of northwestern Kenyaand along the Niger River in West Africa. Phenolic compounds antioxidant activity is associated with the presence of functional groups in the ring and the annular structure of the molecule, conjugated double bonds [ 42 ].

It dislikes waterlogged soils and is very resistant to destruction by bushfires. In Egypt, the fruit is sold in herbalist shops and is popular among children. The oxidative stress is defined as the imbalance between oxidants and antioxidants in favor of the oxidants potentially leading to damage in human cells. It is sometimes made into syrup or ground into meal, which is made into cakes and sweetmeat. It was found that the administration of flavonoid extracts to diabetic rats significantly increased adiponectin levels that stimulate the hypoglycemic action of insulin without altering the concentration of insulin in blood and decrease the weight and volume of contents of granuloma in inflammation [ 19 ].

The roots yield a fibre used for making snares and fishing nets and traps. Flowering is usually in the second half of the rainy season. Phytochemical compounds of doum fruit such as tannins, saponin, steroids, glycosides, flavonoid, terpenes and terpinoids were found at low and moderate concentrations [ 14 ].

Abstract The doum palm Hyphaene thebaica is a type palm tree which has a wood texture and has edible oval fruits and the origin native to upper Egypt. Select flavonoids and whole juice from purple grapes inhibit platelet function and enhance nitric oxide release. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. It is a native to the Arabian Peninsula and also to the northern half of Africa [2] where it is widely distributed and tends to grow in places where thebbaica is present.


The variability in the fruit quality may offer scope for selection and breeding. Hyphaee of wine and grape juice inhibits in vivo platelet activity and thrombosis in stenosed canine coronary arteries.

The previous studies found that the weight and volume of contents of granuloma in inflammation were decreased after treatment with doum extract. Doum extracts treatments hjphaene the activity of uyphaene COX-1an enzyme known to be involved in inflammation [ 33 ].

The dried and ground fruit has shown hypotensive and hypolipidaemic effects.

Biological Activities of the Doum Palm (Hyphaene thebaica L.) Extract and Its Bioactive Components

The extract was capable of rhebaica the blood pressure in normal and hypertensive dogs, but had no diuretic effects in rabbits, and no oestrogenic and androgenic effects in rats. Hypertension is a major health problem throughout the world because of its high prevalence and its association with increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Doum nuts have been found in 5,year-old Egyptian tombs. Hidden harvest project in research series; 3: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew”.

Discussion The use of some plants as medicinal plant is due to the presence of flavonoids polyphenols and saponins, hence the use of Doum, which is rich in flavonoids and saponins, in folk medicine is not surprising. Archived from the original on When eaten it serves as vermifuges and parasite expellant Burkill, Records of Hyphaene thebaica in East Africa usually refer to Hyphaene compressa.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. However, these cancer cytotoxic agents should be with minor or no side effects as they are planned to be used for prolonged time preventing cancer formation [ 52 ].

Growing in native habitat near Dungul Oasis, Egypt Photograph by: ApoA-I is a major protein component of HDL in plasma that helps to clear cholesterol from arteries and promotes cholesterol efflux from tissues to the liver for excretion Dastani et al. Type the digit seven into the box. Oral administration of grape flavonoids has hypahene shown to inhibit platelet function Freedman et al. Antioxidant activity of doum fruit extracts Doum is one of the commonly consumed traditional beverages in Egypt and is rich in polyphenolic compounds.


Hyphaene thebaica – Wikipedia

The use of Doum palm fruit which is rich in flavonoids polyphenolssaponins and tannins in folk medicine is not surprising. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Hyphaene thebaica. Oxygenated compounds constituted Other products include fishing rafts, brooms, hammocks, carpets, buttons and beads. Furthermore, untreated seeds had much lower germination than seeds with the hyphaeme removed and bare nuts pericarp and endocarp removed.

Hyphaene thebaica – Useful Tropical Plants

The effect of various herbal drugs on experimental models of inflammatory bowel diseases IBD has been reported earlier with the antioxidant potential as the main mechanism of action against IBD [ 56 ]. Seventh report of the Joint National Committee on prevention, detection, evaluation and treatment of high blood pressure.

The fibre and leaflets are used by people along the Niger and Nile Rivers to weave baskets, such as in the material culture hphaene the Manasir. Inhibition of in vitro human LDL oxidation by phenolic antioxidants from grapes and wines. Moreover, anti-inflammatory status of animals injected with cyclo sporine and supplemented with doum ghebaica a significant amelioration in the kidney functions as compared to animals injected with the cyclosporine only [ 60 ]. Thebaiica Mali the wood is used for poles, shafts and harpoons.

Several studies have recorded that doum fruit extracts contain high amount of flavonoids, phenols and used as antioxidant and antibacterial activities Table 1which can alleviate the adverse effects of oxidative thebaida and prevent diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria [ 16 ].