The Hydracore is one of the most versatile machines for core drilling. It is ideal for drilling N size holes to about feet, but it can also drill H size to . Hydracore News. Stay up to date with the latest Hydracore News. . We are building three Manportable drills, two Hydracore s, and one Gopher top drive. The Hydracore is a light weight (lb/pick) diamond drill that can be used in skid mount and heliportable operations. This rig is designed for modular.

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Also we sold a 50 HP Gopher Underground drill. BC Hydro used it to drill anchor bolt holes for transmission […]. Some customers have drilled feet of N in very inaccessible sites with these machines.

The Hydracore Manportable is the combination of our Hydracore H size drill head, with our manportable powerpack.

The first chuck we made has now been in steady use since September Not only is this new chuck strong, but it is also simple and durable. The chart shows that it will take about half as much torque to turn an A size rod string as a B sized one.

Hydracore 2000 Manportable

It prevents broken rods. Ecuador is a very beautiful country. This makes it very economical to own if a company needs 2000 do both surface and underground drilling, as many of the spare parts will fit either drill. This chart also lists the bit area, in square inches, which can give you an idea how much harder you have to push on the different sized bits.


The Hydracore is the most compact machine of this capacity available. One difficulty was that this machine will […].

This chuck is deceptively strong though.

Hydracore diamond drill supplier worldwide | Used hydracore diamond drill for sale

This is the first year where most of the machines we have sold are Hydracore machines with P chucks. No one pays much attention to what the maximum amount of torque a drill rod string can take is. The Hydracore is the most powerful drill Hydracore makes.

What I have is some constants that you can use to estimate the torque required to turn different sized bits and rods. A unique cylinder is used that is better than what other suppliers have.

It uses the same simple and efficient hydraulic circuits as the surface version. If you are reading this then you will have noticed that we have a new web site. It is not like nothing has happened, but it has been slow.

It is designed to be quickly broken down into loads no heavier than lbs. The Hydracore is one of the most versatile machines for core drilling. Things have finally started to pick up around here after a very slow Sometimes we build stuff that is not for drilling at all. I think that our machines are in many ways a more logical solution to drilling problems that most other machines available.

Lillooet, BC

That is the maximum safe pullback on our Hydracore feedframe. The Hydracore Manportable has the power of the Hydracore but in a package that can be moved hyracore trails by men or ATVs. It has been just over a year since I bought the company along with my partners Larry and Travis Donaldson.


The Hydracore actually has more torque available than an LF 70 at all normal drilling speeds. The low speed mode is really equivalent to 2nd gear on other similar sized drills. This does not mean it will take half the horsepower, because an A rod string usually has to turn faster as well. The torques and speeds available from the Hydracore drill head are just what is needed for safe high production.

The hydraulic powerpack also uses mostly the same components. On the specification sheet for a Hydracore the torque in low speed mode is not as high as with some other drills like a Longyear LF 70 for example. Most drills have a really low first gear mainly because the transmission is really designed for use in a truck. These Hydracore s will be the first two machines we have sold with our new Hydracore Link Chuck. These charts have information that you cannot find anywhere else, about drill bit sizes, drill rod sizes, and constants that can be used to figure out drill bit and drill rod torque.

This sometimes makes our machines seem to appear inadequate on paper. Later it was converted to a surface machine by lengthening the stroke and installing a Diesel engine in place of the electric motor.