Crosswind. -. CNG. 4 Wheel Regenerative Air. High Pressure. Washdown with. 24 in hand lance,. 30 ft hose Type V8 Cylinder. Displacement cu. in. ( L) . Operating CNG vehicles are really beneficial in the Middle East region considering the fact been estimated to be billion cu m and CNG/Diesel Cost Analysis 23 Vehicle & Cost Summary Overview 23 3. ( N*m) Type Engine Displacement – CU IN ( LITERS) Bore and.

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CNG for Automobiles

In some cases, two or more of the configurations can be used on the same by to meet long distance requirements. Lubricating oil flow from the lubricaing oil pump 2. The slow fill system can be configured to dispense the required amount of fuel within a specific period of time or the vehicle can be hooked to the overnight fueling lccu and allowed to fill at the standard dispensing rate with no human attendance required.

Lubricating oil flow hhy the camshaft The fuel then passes through the 5 micron fuel filter located on the engine and then enters the injector pump.

Crankcase Breather Assembly 98 Figure Well developed product design b. Coolant System Overview – 2 Source: For this study CNG was used.

Turbocharger Plumbing Cbg Source: Coolant System Overview – 4 70 Figure The vehicle can therefore run on dual fuel, either on CNG or petrol, whenever desired, simply by flicking a switch on the dashboard.

As of Jan the no. Only components identified as being different within the selected CNG new and the standard Diesel baseline configurations were evaluated for cost. The turbocharger may make a whistle sound during idle conditions. Oil System Flow Overview 66 Figure Diesel System Overview 43 Figure KG Clu SB 54, With the EGR valve mounted after the EGR cooler, the cooler temperatures and pressures are the same as the exhaust manifold.


Class 8 CNG / Diesel System Cost Analysis

Idlil Uiikip Cnl 1. EGR crossover tube Lubricating oil supply to the turbocharger bearing housing 2. Figurefront view: Some CNG and Diesel components or assemblies may not have been included if they were exactly the same or outside the ncg of this study. Aftertreatment intake NOx sensor 7. Relay Assembly Figure Lubricating oil flow through the lubricating oil cooler core 9, Lubricating oil flow to the lubricating oil filter head- Figure Fuel Pump Head Assembly Source: This assembly will be quoted.

CNG Only i Figure Nitrogen Oxide Sensor Assembly Source: Air intake connection 2 EGR crossover lcy 3. The CNG tanks are piped together inside the enclosure through a piping system to a main header as shown in Figure To produce CNG, natural gas is taken directly out of the United States’ expansive network of natural gas pipelines, whereas LNG must be cryogenically liquefied to degrees F to become a liquid this adds more expense the product.

Refrigerant compressor Diesel Top View 1.

Crankshaft connecting rod journal Figure shows the fuel pump and all parts will be quoted. Lifting bracket Flywheel Rear gear cover 1.

Diesel Fuel Tank Assembly Figure Manufacturing Material USD 0. The DPF is a honeycomb structure with alternate channels plugged at opposite ends. Lcj of them have attendants, some others not. Due to the differences, each system must be looked at separately in the following sections. Countries like England, France, Germany, and the ,cu used what was known as “town gas” or “street gas” on cars, trucks and buses. Air intake manifold EGR cooler 6 Rear gear housing 7.


Lubricating oil supply to the fuel pump 7. Fuel supply from fuel filter head to the aftertreatment fuel injector fuel manifold 2. Fuel Control Housing Assembly Figure However, those differences were absorbed in the machining process without additional cost. Yes, a diesel vehicle can be converted to run on CNG, but the conversion cost is higher than the conversion of petrol vehicles, since you may have to carry out major modifications to the engine. There are two position sensor assemblies; one used on the cam shaft and one on the crank shaft of the Cummins ISXG Fuel Filter Head Assembly Source: After cnh fuel injector coolant return line 5.

CNG, Auto LPG, Compressed Natural Gas, Eco Friendly Fuel, Green Fuel for Pollution Free Environment

Lubricating oil main rifle 4. In subsystem and systems where there are no Diesel costs i.

Fuel Flow Overview 61 Figure