The Supreme Doctrine is rich and dense in its explanation of how the individual man forms and matures. Benoit refers to this process as the pattern of our natural . The Supreme Doctrine has 25 ratings and 3 reviews. Dr. Hubert Benoit, a psychotherapist in WWII France, was inclined to call it a deep existential dread in the. 1 quote from The Supreme Doctrine: Psychological Studies in Zen Thought: ‘My organism is a link in the immense chain of cosmic cause and effect, and I ca.

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Your name or email doctrins This is how we keep ourselves at the center of our imaginary universe:. But my impression is that enlightenment for the Westerner does require some intellectual input, though kept within strict limits.

This results in a language that is, to my mind, a disembodied language. Nov 12, Messages: Benoit says that interior change requires two distinct components: Following is a list of key terms used by Benoit and a description of how he presents them.

Picture a line with love at one end and hate at the other. I came to realise that there is an xupreme and non-individual kind of truth which exists beyond the systems of thought produced by individual philosophers.

When Huxley’s library was destroyed by fire inThe Supreme Doctrine was among the books dovtrine he singled out for replacement [13].

Hubert Benoit (psychotherapist)

At the end of this gradual evolution, my inner universe has achieved homogeneity, not by getting rid of forms, but by abolishing the opposition between forms.

An analogy he uses is that of contracting and relaxing a muscle.

In order to do that he ought to make his formal mind function in a persevering attempt to perceive, beyond it limits, the in-formal; an attempt that is absurd in itself but which brings about the release one day of the miracle of satori ….


Conciliation of opposites What do we generally do about our inner conflict or distress? For this contraction of muscles to occur, cells in the medulla oblongata have to be active, or “doing. If desire is the perceived problem, we may decide to become detached.

It’s almost as difficult as reading Nietzsche. Our inner conflict arises around age two, at which time our psychosomatic organism matures to the point where the concept forms that we are a distinct being separated from the outside world.

To understand our compensations, the starting point is to look at our values: Satori is released at the instant when the absurdity of all our pretentious efforts produces true humility.

This outside world, or not-self, threatens to overwhelm our very existence. John rated it really liked it Mar 14, But there is now a new translation, one by Graham Rooth, that is apparently more coherent. The experience lifted a great weight from my shoulders.

Who did the new translation? Tom marked it as to-read May 31, To my mind, The Supreme Doctrine does exactly what it wants to warn against: Very dense, doctrjne rewarding. Letters of Aldous Huxley, edited by Grover Smith. The truth, according to Benoit and to Zen, is that this paradise is not something past or future but has always been our state and is our eternal being. At the end of this gradual evolution my inner universe reaches homogeneity in which not forms but the opposition of forms is abolished.

I have become able to experience, in a single perception, not just a partial identification with the not-self, but my total identity with it. At least that’ We’ve all experienced sudden onsets of fear in the middle of an otherwise normal time in our lives.

Eucaristos marked it as to-read Feb 11, The Supreme Doctrine is considered a classic in Zen literature, at least among Westerners. Moran marked it as to-read Apr 07, Meilseoir Schwartzthal added it Sep 25, In short, to obtain satori, it is a question of obtaining the transformation of these instantaneous perceptions of existing-more-or-less-than-a-moment-ago into dlctrine continuous perception which will then be just perception of existing.


He also provided the preface to the first edition of Benoit’s best known book, The Supreme Doctrineconcluding:. To understand our compensations, all we need to do is to look at our values.

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Hubert Benoit: Makes my head hurt, but probably good for you

Our illusory belief that we’re separated from Reality. Published August 19th by Sussex Academic Press first published The only real solution, he says, is the interior realization of our true state of being, which he identifies with the radical transformation of satori. Never quite launched as a teacher. In his work he stressed the significance of establishing a metaphysical framework within which an hubertt understanding of the human predicament could develop.

He saw in people around him the patterns of fear and subsequent avoidance of reality we’ve described above, and had a feeling he could release HIMSELF forever from that icy spasm of nothingness with the help of the tranquility of his forced inaction and a close attention to his own thought patterns. Trivia About The Supreme Doctr Before satori both currents exist simultaneously. Humility and acceptance Benoit doctrinee between acceptance and resignation. This was the first translation from the French, and some have commented on the difficulty level of reading it.

Both summarised Benoit’s ideas.