For reliability, test-retest analysis was used, and the internal consistency of the HPLP-II was confirmed by Cronbach’s alpha. For data analysis. HPLP II. Reference work entry. DOI: 5_ Downloads. How to cite. Chinese Health-Promoting Lifestyle. The Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile-II. (HPLP-II) (16) was developed to measure the multicomponent of healthy lifestyles. It was a revision of.

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Health-promoting self-care behaviors, self-care self-efficacy, and self-care agency. To assess the hpll of cognitive disorders, the elderly people were assessed by the clock drawing bplp CDT before entering the study. The attitude indicating it is too late to change or modify poor health behaviors in older adults is totally wrong. Reliability and validity of Persian version of the health-promoting lifestyle profile.

The ICC of 0. Since the population of Iran is aging fast and there are no adequate tools to assess of health behaviors in older population in Iran, it is necessary that the tool is localized in order to measure the lifestyle of the elderly and evaluate HPB, so that it can be used in planning the health field.

The characteristics of the subjects on the demographic variables were evaluated using independent t -tests and Phlp to detect any significant differences between the two or more groups.

MRSA screening in the vascular day-case population. A total of questionnaires were completed by the elderly subjects. To assess the validity and reliability, 10 samples are recommended for each question. Getting the most from a panel of experts. For all subscales of the questionnaire, it was in the range of 0.

Lawrence Erlbaum Psychology Press; This is a cross-sectional study which is conducted on elderly individuals aged 60 and over in Tehran, Iran. Perceived self-efficacy in self-care behaviors among diabetic patients referring to Yazd Diabetes Research Center. J Formos Med Assoc. The tree persons excluded for failing the CDT test.


Financial support and sponsorship Nil. Mental health in Sharekord and its association with socio-demographic factors. In the current study, assured to subjects that their information will remain confidential. J Birjand Univ Med Sci.

Support Center Support Center. Healthy lifestyle behaviors among older US adults with and without disabilities, behavioral risk factor surveillance system, The Persian version of this questionnaire hpl given to 10 specialists five experts in gerontology, five specialists in health promotion to determine its content validity index CVI.

Other studies have also reached six factors in their factor analysis. Chin J Sch Health.

Validity and Reliability of Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile II in the Iranian Elderly

An Arabic language version of the health promotion lifestyle profile. Given that the population of illiterate elderly in Iran is high, psychometric examination of tools for the illiterate elderly is recommended.

The Persian version of this questionnaire was made valid and reliable by Zeidi et al.

Received Jan 1; Accepted Feb 2. A Japanese language version of the health-promoting lifestyle profile. A cross sectional study from Iran.

Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile II | Nursing | University of Nebraska Medical Center

In investigating the face validity, the questionnaire was given to 20 elderly people as a pilot, and at this stage, some modifications were made. Validation of the psychometric properties of the health-promoting lifestyle profile in a sample of Taiwanese women.

J Mazandaran Univ Med Sci. Using factor analysis, six main factors were approved. Therefore, the availability of effective tools is necessary. Assurances were given to all elderly iii their information would be kept completely confidential. Furthermore, it is essential to the evaluation of the interventions effectiveness rat in research studies of related to elder. Il of fruit and vegetables among elderly people: Health-promoting behaviors and social support of women of reproductive age, and strategies for advancing their hpl; Exclusion criteria Ik of consent.


When considering certain conditions and diseases of the elderly, the evaluation hpll lifestyle, especially in relation to HPB during this stage of life, is very important.

Int J Nurs Pract. A review of its accuracy in screening for dementia. Participants To assess the validity and reliability, 10 samples are recommended for each question. The population of the study was the elderly of the city of Tehran. Assessment of health-promoting behavior and lifestyle of adolescents of a North Indian city. The health-promoting lifestyle profile: Published online May The first limitation of this study was that the sampling method was convenience ij random sampling was not possible in this study.

Regarding the large number of questions in the questionnaire, the possibility of elderly people is unable to answer all the questions. Other demographic information details of the subjects are shown in Table 1. Hence, recommended that in future studies, a shortened version of this tool is subject to psychometric investigation.

In order to determine the validity, content and construct validity were used. The original version of this questionnaire consists of 52 items that measure HPB hpl; six subscales nutrition, physical activity, health responsibility, stress management interpersonal relationships, and spiritual growth.

Development and psychometric characteristics.