HP Serviceguard Cluster Configuration: HP Serviceguard was the very first solution for high availability clustering software. Serviceguard uses. Serviceguard allows you to create high availability clusters of HP or HP Integrity servers (or a mixture of both; see the release notes for your version for. HP Serviceguard Cluster Commands. This section includes the Serviceguard clustering commands. Closed /usr/local/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/cmviewcl -v. Output.

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HP Serviceguard Cluster Configuration Guide – A Cheat Sheet

To check the cluster status you can use the cmviewcl command: Starting a node will not cause any active packages to esrviceguard moved to the new node. Search BC Oracle Sites.

After the file has been verified as containing no errors, the cmapplyconf command is used to create and distribute the cluster binary file:.

Email required Address never made hhp. Each package has a separate group of disks associated with it, containing data needed by the package’s applications, and a mirror copy of the data.

Following is a sample file: However, there were nsswitch. When you halt the node, servicegurd failover packages may switch to adoptive nodes. Cluster planning, installation and administration requires extensive knowledge about cluster technology. Any host system running in a Serviceguard cluster is called an active node.


This Oracle documentation was created as a support and Oracle training reference for use by our DBA performance tuning consulting professionals.

For heartbeat I will use a point to point Ethernet connection. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here For a significant portion of installations, a higher setting is more appropriate. Mirror copies of data provide redundancy in case of disk failures.

Install the operating system. There are failover packages, system multi-node packages, and multi-node packages:. Please make sure that the proper security access is configured on node node01 through either file-based access pre-A. Using this site means you accept its terms. A Serviceguard cluster is a networked grouping sericeguard HP or HP Integrity servers or bothknown as nodeshaving sufficient redundancy of software and hardware that a single point serviceguaard failure will not significantly disrupt service.

Create a VG bp using as a lock-VG. We will use three of them.

What is Serviceguard?

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. August 1, at The Oracle kernel now handles global cache management transparently. I was stuck at this point for a significant amount of time. In order to remove all single points of failure from the cluster, you should provide serviceguars many separate power circuits as needed to prevent a single point of failure of your nodes, disks and disk mirrors.


HP Serviceguard Cluster Commands

Tuesday, January 1, When there are no packages left in the cluster, and you want to delete the cluster, use the following commands. It usually is configured to run on several nodes in the cluster, and runs on one at a time. When you configure a failover package, you specify which active node will be the primary node where the package will start, and one or more other nodes, called adoptive nodesthat can also run the package.

Port Forwarding — Explained June 19, You can configure your cluster to automatically restart after an event, such as a long-term power failure, which brought down all nodes in the cluster. Feel free to ask questions on our Oracle forum. Each power circuit should be protected by an uninterruptible power source. It will be installed during the OS installation.