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This is especially critical when tuning variable slug- tuned inductors and variable capacitors. For information concerning a serial number prefix not listed on the title page or in the Manual Changes supplement, contact your nearest Hew- lett-Packard office.

Knob should control the dot on the CRT. Manual Changes by Serial Number Forward biases CR16 to reverse bias CR17 and disconnect the fourth selectable bandwidth stage Q1 from the output stage. To reduce potential confusion, the only change to product numbers and names has been in the company name prefix: The display should remain centered.

Recently the frame that I normally use on 0.

Hp-8552b Spectrum Analyzer If Section

Power lamp on, fan operates. The CRT display is calibrated in terms of power dBm. Performance Check The metallic conductors are extended through the component mounting holes by a plat- ing process. This requires good thermal contact with mounting surfaces.

Use the signal generator frequency control to center the display. When the ohmmeter indicates the least diode resistance, the cathode of the diode is connected to the ohmmeter lead which is negative with respect to the other lead.


Modulation Frequencies for Checking Scan Time. The voltages shown in the chart below are typical. The last five digits form the sequential suffix that is unique to each instrument.

Signal Amplitude should be 7.

Extensive changes in A3 assembly. Both ground flanges will have to be connected to chassis ground. The assembly is designed to provide one of two different types of video outputs.

Operating HP T Spectrum Analyser

Inspect instrument for mechanical damage such as scratches, dents, broken knobs, or other defects. Change A1R60 88552bR: Included in this section are test setups, procedures, and tips about tools and test equipment. The error of the CRT display is measured at each step. For wide spectrum analysis, the operator can use the preset scan of the RF Section used, or for a more detailed study, the spectrum width can be progressively narrowed.

A3A2R13 toR: This problem has not been completely eliminated by use of straight-line presentation, but it has been minimized and circuits are much easier to follow once the basic principles are understood. This circuit is adjusted during the analyzer alignment procedure to compensate for overall gain requirements and to provide absolute amplitude calibration of the displayed signal.

Crystal Filter Bypass Network Perform the tests and adjust- ments as shown in the RF Section Manual. If no change in display occurs when the switch is used, check for an open circuit or faulty capacitor. Complimentary copies of the supplement are available from Hewlett-Packard. Maintenance Aids See Service Sheets 14, 15, and If signal is correct, pro- ceed to test 7b.


You can zoom in close to see the labels with the serial number or zoom out to see the overall condition of the equipment. Schlumberger Radio Code Analyser – apparently free with the test sets. PageFigure Service Sheet 6: Most of the circuit elements are common to both modes of operation. Contacting Agilent Sales and Service Offices The sales and service contact information in this manual may be out of date.

Q3 and CIS null out the parasitic holder capacitance of Yl. Three Positions of Typical Switch Wafers. Address the order to the nearest Hewlett-Packard office. If the meter reading is incorrect check QIO and associated components.

It’s like having the store come to you!

HP Agilent Mainframe T Display a Spectrum Analyzer RF b If Section | eBay

Schematic Diagram Notes The maximum deviation between any two bandwidths 10 Hz to kHz should be less than 2. Unsolder yellow wire at B XA5 pin 3 and connect power supply positive lead to XA5 pin 3 connect negative lead to chassis ground.

The troubleshooting procedure is divided into two maintenance levels. The transistor associated with pins 1 drop the clipped signal level to the level of the signal out of the input operational amplifier.

Replaceable Parts Table Page 6- 3. A8R3 12 Optimizes 10 dB gain step: Shipping Information Final Scan Check The scan should trigger on the video signal.