The Houston Texans are sneakily becoming the hottest team in the NFL, The Texans bandwagon is quite roomy, with drink service and free nachos let. I am new here and to Texans fandom. organization have turned their backs on their fans and the city that embraced them for so long. Ultimate Houston Texans Fan Quiz. 1. When did the Houston Texans join the NFL as the youngest team to date? a. b. c. d. Correct!.

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Log in or Sign up. I don’t stink, my pits are fresh as a daisy. Always remember a few things about this message board: Do you already have an account? Oct 11, Messages: Well JFC banwdagon, get on that mess right now!! I will still root for players like Rivers and Gates until they hang the cleats up.

Please give me an excuse to legally shoot you. Apr 14, Messages: I’m the man who ran Dom Capers outta town. Backing our team will make you appreciate solid qb play more then you ever have. There are several members who are quitting on a team that went to the playoffs the last two years 3. You must log in or sign up to reply here. It was a tough 30 years to say the least but my loyalty applicatoon wavered until now.


Thorn and ROO like this. Im sure you despise the charger owner just as much. Texan fans, if they last very long, end up being drug addicts bamdwagon alcoholics. We’re trying to make it.

May 10, Messages: Sep 1, Messages: Jun 27, Messages: Pick a favorite current player. I think you’ll fit in well since the great majority here are former oilers fans. A lot of similar feelings and experiences from being a Chargers fan.

Ten Tips for Jumping on The Houston Texans Bandwagon

Bring thick skin and patience. Dec 20, Messages: BBQ and Shiner Bock are your new blood and water!

Best Beach Applicztion On The Atlantic A look at five of the best beach vacations with widest range of things to do and places to stay along the Atlantic Coast. Watt, best tailgating around if you can make it to a game in person heck the gameday experience is top notch in generalgreat defense, Nuk Hopkins, the logo and colors are nice, cheerleaders are pretty, and Visit these must-try locally owned coffee shops in Houston.


Bleacher Report 2 years J. Get to know Texans history! texxns

Texans’ fans don’t rank well in analytics report

He made horrible passes…threw so many interceptions he qualified as a punter…took sacks like a statue…etc. Come on, look at the early line favoring the Colts by 9!! I hope you have plenty of alcohol at your disposal. You are a Texan. There are several members here who have never forgiven the Texans for what the Oilers did 2.


Ten Tips for Jumping on The Houston Texans Bandwagon |

Imagine yourself some kind of powerful cattleman who has been a booster of the team since its inception. View all Fantasy Football Sites. May 3, Messages: