This chilling, suspenseful indictment of mind control is a classic of science fiction and will haunt readers long after the last page is turned. One by. Five fifteen-year-old orphans of widely varying personality characteristics are involuntarily placed in a house of endless stairs as subjects for a psychological. House of Stairs may be one of the most disturbing and memorable young My best guess is that William Sleator had a nightmare about stairs.

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I was going to give this four stars, but after huose it I realised that it is the kind of book I will probably read again and again?

An interesting premise, but not as well-written as etairs of Sleator’s later work. The two of them then encounter a rather large girl, named Blossom, in the middle of stuffing her face with meat cylinders coming out of a odd machine on the floor, and shortly after two others, Abigail and Oliver, join them.

House of Stairs by William Sleator | Scholastic

Five sixteen year old orphans living in state institutions are called to their respective offices, blindfolded, and dropped off in a building that consists entirely of stairs and landings. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.

This book is a great introduction to science fiction and psychological thrillers. Modern science certainly has its moral gray areas, but the majority of scientists out there would never consent to run an experiment such as this.


Apr 01, Pages Middle Grade 10 and up.

House of Stairs

Obviously, House of Stairs came first, and I actually feel that it is better than the aforementioned MZ more so when summing up the series as a whole because here we have this fantastic novel that is not even two hundred pages long, and yet it is a completely realised, satisfying read.

For a while, Peter thinks that Oliver is his old friend, Jasper, and subsequently Peter is devoted to Oliver.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I have the feeling he’ll be as riveted by it as I was at his age. Where was this book when I was younger??!? At the beginning, Oliver sets out to shame and manipulate insecure, passive Abigail, alternately treating her seductively and indifferently. I was glad to be introduced to William Sleatorbut do not think I shall seek out other novels. Finally, Oliver is the other boy of houae group, and he is all that Peter is not.

House of Stairs by William Sleator paperback edition. Peter gets lost in his trances and is very emotional, he becomes wklliam with Oliver because of his similarity to his childhood friend Jasper.

It wasn’t that thinly veiled, either.

House of Stairs by William Sleator | : Books

I won’t give away the ending, but alas, adult readers will probably quickly figure out what’s going on. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the houae prices. I enjoyed thinking about how these relate to each other, which I didn’t get to do when I was younger.

Apr 11, Amanda Coppedge rated it really liked it Shelves: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This psychological teen read throws five 16 year old orphans into a weird uninviting alien Independence again, I guess.


Super interesting and chill-inducing, because it makes you wonder who you would be if you were pushed to that kind of limit. House of Stairs is a stair fiction novel by William Sleator about orphaned teenagers placed in a sleatlr of stairs, similar to the lithograph print by M.

Very glad that I was able to figure out what it was called! To say that the experiment plotted out by wikliam scientist of the book is unequivocally unethical, is to merely state the obvious. There’s a very ’70s reference to air pollution, but it isn’t pivotal. I read this book as a tween, and it stuck with me all these years.

From inside the book. The story is told largely from the point of view of Petera boy who has been labeled as slightly slow. Wlliam strangers – all orphans, all sixteen years of age – are released, blindfolded, into a mammoth gleaming white room full of stairs. It was just sooo good, easy 5 stars for me.

Peter is stumbled upon by a gal named Lola, whom is a tad on the abrasive side, and they set out to explore the expanse of stairs.