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These signs related to benefic or malefic planets accordingly denote strength or trouble, as the case may be, concerning the limb in question. The places described for various planets can also be used as under. It only draws a comparison among angles, succedents and cadents being strong, less strong and weak. yora

Hora Ratnam

This way a query horx regarding an event or an expected child-delivery should be handled. Bal Bhadra, with the assistance of the memories or experience of past birth i. To avoid misunderstanding it is to be stressed that arms, chest and lungs come under the sign Gemini, while heart is ruled by Cancer.

Now stated below are of signs as village resorters etc. One’s Guru or preceptor is declared by ancient scriptures as “Pratyaksha Daivam” or god that can be seen in reality.

Hora Ratna – Wikipedia

But those should not be confused with the present ones. It is the chest of Time Personified. Such a person will enjoy a high degree of prosperity, position and fame. Full Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are. Salutation to Lord Ganesa.

Hora Ratnam Two Vols

When a sign coincides with a certain house, the house concerned will reveal further effects according to the sign. Thus they went step by step. Although in the initial stages it is taught that Vargottama is the best, we can conceive practical variations in the ratam manner. If the lord of a sign of long ascension be in a sign of long ascension, the limb denoted by the planet in question will be long.


Now described are planetary relationships with the soul etc. Thus, time any moment between a spaces of 24 hours is the basis of astrology, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in odd signs. Brahmin has been described rwtnam one belonging to the first of four original divisions of Hindu traditional body, but often in the present day a layman engaged jora non-priestly occupations although the name is horx to be strictly applicable to only one who knows and recites the Vedas again and again.

If these are aspected or occupied by benefics, favourable results will emerge. How to make use of this information is now explained.

Upto the Aries, the Sun is in deep exaltation. Ears and nose which are protruding parts of the face are not included in Taurus or the 2nd house but are ruled by Gemini or the 3rd house in analysing a horoscope. For example take the present verses.

The PDF of the Rudrashtadhyayi is very accurate. The 7th from the exaltation sign is the sign of debility for a planet, and in this sign, the same degree as above is its degree of deep debility.

If a house is aspected by a planet that is placed in its sign of debility or in that of an enemy, evil effects will follow. This is only a theoretical suggestion of effects and is not practical. The author’s humility is seen in preferring the blessings of his preceptor than what he had himself learnt from the various authoritative ancient texts.

Sripati’s work is popularly known as Sripati Paddhati or Sripateeyam and deals widely with important mathematical aspects of astrology, like computation of strengths of planets and houses. This honesty sadly lacked even in case of many of his compiler-predecessors; not to speak of successors.


He is listed amongst the eighteen greatest exp6nehts of astrology as seen in the earlier notes. It has been stated in the work “Shatpancha Sikha” that through the signs, the period, direction and place in case of stolen articles should be deduced.

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Divisions as per Varaha Mihira: The 10th degree for the Sun, 3rd for the Moon, 5th for Jupiter, 27th for Venus 15th hkra Mercury, 28th for Mars and 20th for Saturn are the degrees of deep exaltation in their respective signs of exaltation. Where there is a contradiction among the ancients; the author sorts it out. Thus we have to use our common sense and apply the concept behind these profitably. By materializing of an horx, destiny is implied, but ability to make efforts is also due to acts of past birth.

The 9th and 5th houses are known as Trikona or trines. A man holding a pot is Aquarius.

The names of the twelve signs in order are: Kings Nala, Sri Rama and yudhishtira would not hav been troubled by grief if desired objects were available to them. There is nothing wrong in adopting this principle of Yavanacharya as we count angles, trines etc. From a study of astrology, many unknown mundane aspects of our lives begin to be known as the branches begin at the trunk of a tree.