The Most Holy Trinosophia of the Comte de St. Germain (English and French Edition) [Comte De Saint-Germain, Manly P. Hall] on *FREE*. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. This is the only book attributed to the mysterious, supposedly immortal Comte St. Germain. The Trinosophia is an allegorical. THE RAREST OF OCCULT MANUSCRIPTS. PART THREE. PARALLEL FRENCH AND ENGLISH TEXT OF. THE MOST HOLY TRINOSOPHIA. PART FOUR.

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I made the same attempt with the door of sky-blue colour; it did not close but a sudden noise induced me to turn my head. He did considerable painting himself, achieving an incredible brilliance of color.

Not only is it the only known mystical writing of the Comte de St. Nothing can be done without them.

He was on familiar and intimate terms with the crowned heads of Europe and the honoured friend of many distinguished persons of all nationalities.

At last I saw a white marble platform to which I mounted by nine steps. Throughout the French text there are scattered letters, words, and phrases in several ancient languages. At the time of his death A greenish gold embellished its diapered scales in which the surrounding flames were reflected.

Je m’en penetrai et apres avoir lu les hierogliphes qui accompagnoient le tableau je m’appretai a quitter cette salle. Mauricio Lopes rated it it was amazing Dec 03, I found myself on a shore covered with green sand. Madame went to the p.

Most Holy Trinosophia of the Comte De St. Germain by Comte St. Germain

From the dun, p. Madame de Pompadour extols the genius of St. A loud voice commanded me to pass through the flames.

Homer refers to the Golden Chain by which the gods conspired to bind the earth to the pinnacle of Olympus. According to Madame de Pompadour, he claimed to possess the secret of eternal youth, and upon a certain occasion claimed having been personally acquainted with Cleopatra, and at another time of having “chatted familiarly with the Queen of Sheba”! Slowly they came near and seated themselves on the thrones while my guide stood beside me. By something akin to telepathy this remarkable person was able to feel when his presence was needed in some distant city or trjnosophia p.


During the reign of Peter the Great M. Upon beholding the celebrated magician, the aged lady stepped back in amazement and the following well-authenticated conversation took place between the two:.

One of them would outrage the sacred rights of every individual.

The Infemal Spirits would smile with contempt at the tears of the one whose de leurs abimes de feu. The calligraphy is excellent. If only I could understand what it means?! He had received the Logos. Sean rated it it was amazing Jun 13, Hence, in the sacred writings, this expansion of the soul’s sphere of action is called initiation. They will expel them from all the thrones they occupy and in less than a century they will retum in all their different branches to the rank of simple private individuals.

Madame, I should be mad indeed to take it into my head to give the king an unknown dmg! Germain’s Gothic alchemical tower. Que la volante du seigneur s’accomplisse repondit le vieillard. Wisdom — and wisdom alone — can accomplish this, for one wise man can perfect the ages, and a little truth will in time so greatly increase that the universe may not contain it.

Both paragraphs are in substance similar to the Puissance des nombres d’apres Pythagore by Jean Marie Ragon. On all sides civil discord loudly roars And uttering cries, on all sides virtue flees As from the Assembly votes of death arise. He was often to be met within the royal private apartments, where he had unrestricted admission at the beginning of A thousand times the questions have been asked: The piece was no longer of silver but of the purest gold.

I salute you in the name of God.

The Most Holy Trinosophia

Want to Read saving…. The interior was of the same material, incmsted with shining steel. A balloon inflated with wind.

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The perfection of Self is the Great Work, the beginning and end of wisdom: Though the libraries of European Rosicrucians and Cabbalists contain many rare treasures of ancient philosophical lore, it is extremely doubtful if any of them include a treatise of greater value or significance.

I begged him to make the experiment. Au centre de la salle etoit un autel triangulaire compose des quatre elemens sur ses trois points etaient poses I’oiseau, I’autel et le flambeau.

His figure was well-knit and graceful, his hands delicate, his feet small, and the shapely legs enhanced by well-fitting silk stockings.

De Pompadour writes, “He enriched the cabinet of the king by his pictures by Valasquez and Murillo, and he presented to the Marquise the most precious and priceless gems.

To prove that the two lobes of his brain could work independently he wrote a love hooly with his right hand and a set of mystical verses with his left, both at the same time. THE earth was as dark as the water through which I had come. Bereft of all adornment, stripped of all insignia of rank and power, he may bring to the temple nothing that he has — only that which he is. Apres dix huit jours je montai sur le rivage par un perron de marbre blanc; la salle est nommee le premier lac to me to be of a grayish hue; gradually it resumed its colours; however, it trinosophiaa not become entirely blue but was nearer to a beautifiil green.

The other door opened on a lake at the extreme end of which a black marble fa9ade could be seen.