System requirements. Operating system. hMailServer can be installed in the. Configuration tutorial. Overview. This page describes the basics of configuring . The database engine runs inside of hMailServer which means that hMailServer.

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It should now be possible to create emails that includes both documentatkon HTML body, a plain text body and attachments. Due to this, this is no mhailserver reported as an error to the hMailServer log, but rather mentioned in the bounce message. C65 – If an hMailServer Event Script tried to access something in the API which it did not have privileges to access, hMailServer sometimes failed to report a descriptive error message.

Problem occured docmuentation file name was short. You only need to specify the password the first time you install hMailServer After you have finished the installation, it’s time to start hMailServer Administrator found in the start menu. New SMTP authentication options are available. In the SMTP Relayer field, enter the host name of your ISP’s email server, along with your credentials on that server in case it demands authentication.

In previous version, parsing a list of 2 recipients could take as long as 15 seconds.

Integration with hMailServer – WebMail Pro documentation

This means that if you send from an alias address, you are now considered local. In V5, this ordering was documrntation. About us News Contact. For example, you can use the IP ranges to configure hMailServer such that only computers in your local network are allowed to use the server to send email.

HELO-host spam check gave false positive when using a forwarding relay. More logging is added when DKIM verification is made. If no such timestamp exists or is unparseablethe timetamp in the Date header is used. This change has been done to prevent duplicate emails from being sent. When IMAP clients requested body structure information for a message, hMailServer were in some cases unable to create this, which resulted in the message not being shown to the client. C60 – MIME-decoding could fail for certain messages.


It could also have the effect that they were not displayed properly in the email client. A general fix has been made to prevent this type of error. Previously only one attachment was added.

Choosing database engine

The RefreshContent method on the hMailServer. While some parts of the hMailServer documentation describes and discusses these things, the hMailServer documentation should not be seen as a reference documentation for these hmaioserver.

The reason is that this functionality has caused problems for users who have enabled it without knowing documentatiob it does. A user could cause a hMailServer instance to crash by sending a large message which fills up the hard drive on the server.

When choosing language in hMailAdmin, it was not possible to choose Catalan. If a message is downloaded from an external account, the message was not delivered to recipients on routes.

The only thing you need to do now is to connect your newly created local mail address to documentatin e-mail application. Your solution with hMail Server allowes all of this, but…. Can I modify it? Before, hMailServer only informed the user when he tried to perform an action he did not have permission for. Upgrading larger installations to v5. Your local mail server is now up and running. This setting defines how many minutes hMailServer should wait before every retry, when delivering emails to other servers.

Host name When an SMTP server connects to another server to send a message, the first documentatuon that happens is that the sending server identifies itself using the host name. In the Live log in hMailServer Administrator, it’s now possible to sort the data by clicking on the different columns. Integration will only work with the domains explicitly added to AdminPanel, it will not work for accounts under default domain for instance, those added via Advanced Login. If a non-existant account had been specified as mirror address, hMailServer now prevents looping.

  GSFC 733 HARN 01 PDF

Added a lock to prevent hMailServer from starting more than 10 simultaneous virus scanners even if the number of delivery threads are higher.


If a bmailserver added a message to a mailbox for example Sent itemsbut disconnected before it had completed, an orphaned message was left in the data directory. As a client, I used mailbird which was enough for my requirement. During installation of NOD32, a warning is shown that the IMON component should not be installed on servers since it’s known to cause issues with server software. Sometimes when stopping the server, an error regarding “abandoned wait” was reported.

If the log file was locked by an external processed, a crash dump file was created. This may xocumentation the effect that hMailServer falsely classifies hmailsedver email as spam. If checking of senders MX records have been enabled, hMailServer now checks for MX records both on the senders top-domain and sub-domain.

hMailServer – Free open source email server for Microsoft Windows

This has been changed to temporary. The MX response will tell your server that it should deliver the message to mail. The first thing which appears is the Connect dialog.

Extended error logging when parsing XML streams. Moreover, you need to make sure “Override default domain settings” option is checked for the domain s in question.

Adrian BeceFeb 02, 9. If a client disconnects without QUIT’ing, any message deletion flag is now removed. If DKIM was enabled and a user vocumentation an email with no text in the body, hMailServer did not correctly sign the message.

Earlier versions, running DataDirectorySynchronizer could for example forward email back to mailing lists.