Hitachi Medical Systems Europe (Holding) AG. Hitachi – Noblus. Mode B & M- mode; omnidirectional M-mode; PW and CW Doppler; color and power Doppler; . Hitachi understands that healthcare is an integral part of our social infrastructure. The Noblus ultrasound diagnostic scanner features the ultimate in versatility. Highly visible volume data is available with a light-weight and compact probe. STIC(Spatio-temporal Image Correlation)*. Displays the fetal heart in 3D images .

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Hitachi-Aloka Noblus Our most versatile ultrasound scanner, easily adapted to virtually any Radiology Workplace. News Cardiovascular Ultrasound December 07, Dual CFM Real-time side-by-side display of a B-mode image and Color Doppler image assisting in easy anatomical interpretation of hitacbi flow. Stereotactic Breast Imaging Technology Report: High-performance diagnostic ultrasound imaging for Musculoskeletal Radiology.

Noblus | Products | Hitachi Healthcare Americas

Select an Application in the right column below for more specific product information. Fetal Face 4D and 2D of Heart. UST 4-way Laparoscopic Transducer Exclusive linear array 4-way laparoscopic transducer for better visualization of targeted lesions. Clarius Mobile Health will announce a new collective intelligence ultrasound platform at this year’s Radiological UST Abdominal Transducer The ideal, all-around, general imaging transducer offering 5 levels of fundamental frequencies in addition to 4 settings of harmonic frequencies.

Noblus Ergonomics The importance of ergonomically designed ultrasound systems cannot be understated. The Noblus is compatible with a wide range of transducers: Built to withstand the rigors of daily laparoscopic surgery Ideal for liver and kidney scanning Exceptional near and far field resolution Instant feedback on tumor margin delineation Main Specifications: Powerful advanced imaging with proven ergonomic and application flexibility.


Videos Ultrasound Imaging November 28, Flexible design for use in various clinical scenarios Its unique space-saving design allows the operation panel to be folded up and out of the way, providing a larger work space when it is set on a desk; When used on the cart, Noblus can be operated in a sitting or standing position; Equipped with a battery and supporting wireless DICOM communication, Noblus offers smooth mobility for portable rounds within the hospital; and The monitor can be swiveled or tilted, reducing unnecessary stretching and straining by the examiner.

A pediatric transrectal transducer of wide bandwidth and wide scan angles degrees which can be used for scanning of rectal walls and surrounding parts of the recti.

Hirachi linear volumetric transducer, when combined with the advanced 3D visualization features of the HI VISION product line, is ideal for breast scanning or any other small parts imaging. UST Transvaginal Transducer Provides tremendous image quality along with the degree field of view needing less transducer movement for a more patient friendly exam.

Displays blood flow with directional information at higher frame rates and spatial resolution compared to conventional methods.

L34 Linear 7 – 3 MHz 38 mm Width. High-performance dedicated operating room ultrasound systems for Scrotal htachi Penile Doppler Solutions. Single Crystal Probes — A single crystal is used to provide the piezoelectric elements of the probe. High-performance diagnostic ultrasound imaging to meet the needs of every Women’s Healthcare professional.


High-performance diagnostic ultrasound imaging for Neurosurgery. It’s possible to scan both axial images and transaxial images with this transducer. High-performance dedicated operating room ultrasound systems for Scrotal and Penile Doppler Solutions.

Noblus Features Real Time Elastography An innovative diagnostic tool that provides real-time color display of tissue elasticity. The UST’s wide footprint and high resolution make it ideal for superficial scanning.

Hitachi Aloka Releases Noblus, Advanced Versatile Ultrasound With Flexible Style

High-performance diagnostic ultrasound imaging for General Surgery. Seno Medical reported results of a study demonstrating that morphologic and functional Single crystal technology is used for the piezoelectric elements to achieve higher image quality. Gall Bladder 3D Shading. As the user moves noblis transducer across the area of interest a larger image is created that provides clearer spatial relationship information of anatomy and structures.

High-performance diagnostic ultrasound imaging for Pelvic General Imaging.

Noblus : Healthcare : Hitachi

The swivel screen, integral Palm rest and widely spaced cart wheels allow the ultimate in operator comfort. L44 Linear 9 – 4 MHz 38 mm Width.

Products and Services Information About Hitachi. High-performance diagnostic ultrasound imaging for Breast Radiology.