Hindu Predictive Astrology by B V Raman; Vedic Astrology, Jyotish, Hindu Astrology by in jyotish, b v raman, and vedic astrology. Full text of “Hindu Predictive Astrology BV Raman” . According to Suryasiddhanta, Saturn is the 6 Hindu Predictive Astrology most distant planet from the earth. Please Note: This title is being reprinted at present and is currently not available to order. You can browse similar titles or contact us for a personalised.

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The birth has taken place at p.

Rajeev Jhanji predicive it really liked it Aug 26, Jupiter in the 7th or the 10th with no malefic aspects will make the person principled and chaste in sexual matters. Died in bis 13th month on 14th August Since the place of birth is east of Greenwich subtracting the difference of longitude in time from Local Mean Time, we get the corresponding Greenwich Mean Time, which is equal to 2 hours, 12 minutes and 46 seconds p.

If Jupiter becomes the lord of the 10th or aspects it, livili- bood might be predicted rama being a preceptor, teacher, judge, etc. All this trouble can be saved by referring to the 32 Hindu Predictive Astrology Table of constellations wstrology on page If the lord of the 1 Ith is a benefic aspected by benefics and occupying favourable positions, the person will have perfect contours.

If the Moon occupies a quadrant and Jupiter aspects her, he will have pure reputation for his conduct and truthful nature. It is an imaginary circle of degrees and rxman ancients divided this zodiac into 12 equal parts of 30 degrees each, each being named after the constellation.

Hindu Predictive Astrology

Judgment of Bhavas Houses If tbe 12th is occupied by a malefic and its lord is an evil planet, money will be spent on immoral purposes. This will enable one to fix the positions of planets in a horoscope, as in most Hindu almanacs, the planetary positions are generally given in constellations and quarters.


They are good conversationalists as well as writers and often rely too much on their own intelligence. I must refer the readers to my A Manual of Hindu Astrology. The following quarters padas of the constellations comprise the twelve zodiacal signs: Hhindu in both cases, it is Jupiter that occupies the 4th house.

There are six kinds of strength considered in Indian astrology. The solar date or birth is readily found out in the almanac. In this book we are devoting ourselves exclusively to Parasara. Why Shop at SapnaOnline.

Uttarabhadra—Y Pegasi j of a cot. Mars also aspects Jupiter 4th houseand Rahu 8th house. In addition to this, he must also exercise discretion and common sense coupled, of course, with a certain amount of intuition. If Lagna is a common sign and if the Moon occupies a common sign, death takes place before the 32nd year.

Kct u causesileath by suicide and other. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Mars and Saturn deoote Thamasa or dull nature. Get to Know Us.

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If the lord of the Sth occupies the 3rd, the 6tb or the 12th and is aspected by malefics, the person’s children die early. Hindu Time Measure 4. Return to Book Page. We know that Mrigasira is ruled by Mars whose period is seven years. Their constitution will he hot. English Choose a language for shopping. Submit Review Submit Review.

Accidental deaths prddictive always due to Mars.

Hindu Predictive Astrology – B. V. Raman – Google Books

Prasanna rated it did not like it Mar 30, Aug 13, Sourav Sengupta rated it it was amazing. CHAPTER VI 11 Hindu Method of Casting the Horoscope Predictivs horoscope is simply a scheme or a plan representing an accurate picture of the heavens, of the positions of the planets and the stars for the time at which a child is born or at any particular moment.


Jyeshta 4 0 9. They will be middle-sized persons and exhibit taste in art and literature. On Birth Verification and Rectification 51 The quotient, viz.

Egotism and mfcanthrophy are mar ked by th e lord of the 6th r m exercisingjliscretion, who has special control over debts and diseases. But there are examples of persons having lived longer.

Alpayu is caused if the lord of the 8th is in the ascendant with Astrolpgy. Duration of Cancer Gb.

Write a customer review. If the Astrolgy occupies the 10th house and Mars aspects it, the native will earn money by selling precious stones and dealings with aristocracy, women of questionable character precictive agriculture to hinndu extent. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Mercury governs Gemini and Virgo.

This gives us a clue to the determination ofone’s physical features, stature, marital disposition and other peculiarities. Therefore, the Sun is in the navamsa of Saturn. Long life for an individual may be predicted if the lords of the 1st and the 8th and Saturn are in good positions and have the aspect of Jupiter. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Time elapsed from the entry of the Sun into the 2nd pada of Aslesha which is nearest to the time of birth upto the moment of birth.

If the lord of the llth audits occupants are powerful, the native will have powerful influence in society.