Hermann Ungar-Los Mutilados (capitulo III). TheLibraryMouse ES. Loading Unsubscribe from TheLibraryMouse ES? Cancel Unsubscribe. Ecco, con I mutilati Hermann Ungar assesta un colpo tale da mandare in frantumi Los mutilados, es un relato terrible sobre las perversiones y locuras más. Los mutilados / The Maimed: Hermann Ungar: Books – Amazon .ca.

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Due to his meager finances, he is forced to rent a room from Klara Porges, the fat and ‘hairy’ widow. Todo un descubrimiento gracias a Offuscatio. Ungar believed the third-person narrative was the supreme form, or at least preferrable to the first-person narrative, in part because it is more difficult to create, or it was more difficult for him.

And where one feels empathy for Polzer, there is nothing to feel but revulsion for the other characters in the story I guess they could take it inside or outside, like men or women. He is frightened of her and repulsed by her. He only saw Frau Porges during the day, when she was fully clothed.

The Maimed

He also fears something being stolen which he will later not even realize he’s missed. Abuse begets abuse and it was never more true than in this twisted and tragic tale of Franz Polzer.

Esto combinado con el ambiente simplista, crudo y opresivo de la obra, la convierte en una historia desgarradora que no te deja indiferente. I would have given it five stars upon reading it through the first time, but I looked at it again several months later and I realized I liked it less. Everyone else probably said Kafka. Ungar finds horror in the every day and in the repressed psyches of the people around him.


Ungar, a German speaking Moravian, wrote, as far as I know, one other novel, one play, and one collection of short stories — this is the only one in English, so all power to the marvellous Twisted Spoon Press for publishing this they have one of the finest small press lists there is.

Fear is hard to sustain before it turns into something else. In twenty-four hours, I read it cover to cover, on the edge of my seat.

It starts out with me feeling at home in this deeply paranoid mind. Well-written and captivating from the opening sentence, this novel tells the depressing story of Franz Polzer.

This was like a combination of the short mutildaos of being scared or hernann and taken waaaay too long. He doesn’t touch himself. That night Franz Polzer was seized by a great, incomprehensible and horrible hetmann.

It was a face he had seen before. In galleries, he never wanted to see the pictures and statues of naked women. Somos carne en un matadero a punto de ser despiezados Picked it up in a used bookstore in Prague on discount, from a small press focused on translating old Czech works into English. Prague Praha Czech Republic. The breasts beneath her loose blouse were already touching his body.

View all 5 comments. Don’t sleep with your landlady. Ungar has chairs to sit in and watch the wallpaper fade. This guy doesn’t get any love he can ask for. He pulled quickly away struck by indistinct memories of the boy’ father, of the work from the assignment book, of tears of distant affection.

Polzer avoided his eyes. But the others are sorrowful victims of their own self-imposed cages grasping for quickest way to feel powerful in hopes of garnering even the smallest moment of happiness.


Los mutilados

But what do I know? Thematically, we are dealing with repression, abuse, madness, homosexuality and sadism. Polzer’s entire identity is in turmoil throughout most of the book: I don’t like to be bludgeoned with character motivations, and Ungar is so subtle in this work, it’s terrifying. A dark and depressing book. Franz is paranoid about having his possessions stolen, so much so that he often counts his sheets of paper to ensure no unar has stolen one. nugar

The Maimed by Hermann Ungar

I found this book darkly, and intensely funny at times, even though it felt really strange to laugh at what was happening. View all 18 comments. He felt the same mutiladso in the presence of Frau Porges–like he was plunging endlessly into a terrible slit. It starts out very Kafkaesque of coursewith our protagonist suffering through strange things outside his control, trapped in a system that he can’t navigate.

Los mutilados / The Maimed : Hermann Ungar :

Her body seemed soft and dark He longed for this body, and suddenly her remembered it was the body of his sister. Little points in the narrative were unexpected in a refreshing way. There’s a side plot in the story about Franz getting a new suit of clothes that is very reminiscent of Gogol’s excellent short story “The Overcoat.

The main character has paranoia and neurosis and was not nurtured in the least growing up. Feb 15, Kobe Bryant rated it liked it.