Visit ‘s Henry Bayman Page and shop for all Henry Bayman Books by Henry Bayman See search results for author “Henry Bayman” in Books. Interview with Henry Bayman, in conversation with Stephen Hirtenstein 25 September 1. How did you first meet Ahmet Kayhan? I first met Master Ahmet. Henry Bayman is an independent scholar living in Turkey who spent twenty-five years studying with the Masters of Wisdom of Central Anatolia. His interest in Ibn .

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By then, I had been undergoing Sufi training with a master for three years, and it was he baman took me to Effendi. How did your research prepare you to write with such courage?

Yet on the other hand, he was so tired and ill that I did not want him to waste one breath, one word, to a single person. It gives you the guidelines of how to behave as you would if you loved that person. He would quickly baymwn the forte — the strongest virtue—of a person. In their time, Jesus and the Buddha were the supermen of their ages.

Each case would have byman be analyzed separately. Skip to main content. The consequences are there for all to see, in everyday statistics: For this, one needs lots of time and lots of patience. It appears, however, that the greatest masters always remain hidden from view, and are deciphered only after they pass away.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. When he felt the time was right, he took me together with him on one of his visits. There have been many changes and corrections since then, but basically the book stands as it was produced at that time.


Now, my only use of bulk paper is when a book is published. You can benefit from this no matter who you are, what you do baayman don’t believe in.

I feel I’ve done my duty henrry humanity. I still kick myself for not having written down the precise date, but it was probably early March. Sirajuddin on March 30, at 3: But this is not what we usually consider to be warts, blemishes of the human personality. I have tried to tell the truth exactly as it happened.

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It would seem that these two petty things shouldn’t pose any problem, or at most, any great problem. Sufism is a wonderful path. Despite his great age, his graying hair and beard, which were originally black, made him appear no more than 65 or Islam’s had a bad press in the West in recent decades.

As he talked, you would by and by realize that he was answering your question without even speaking to you.

Cheating is the one thing that’s sure to wreck a marriage. Islam in Philosophy of Religion. Since it’s topically organized, it can also be read as a reference manual. And no one had organized that material topically. This is precisely what has happened.

Interview with Henry Bayman

Henrj email address will not be published. When the Master said Islam he meant Sufism and when he said Sufism he meant Islam, because in his view the two were two sides of the same coin, or because Sufism is the superstructure of Islam.

And he has critically analyzed the insider and outsider threats that the Islamic world has ever felt with the arrival of fundamentalist forces.

Apparently, she lived until he was 14 or He was only 4 or 5 years old when he first met, and was extremely impressed by, his Master Keko. You’ve got to bring intelligence and conscience together, bring the mind and the heart together.


At all costs, this unique phenomenon must be preserved, baymman if his life-span could not be extended indefinitely, then it must at least be stretched to the maximum possible. Not that he earned badly, for he worked baymsn than anyone else. Sometimes, it’s another person who catches henru I can’t, and these errors can be pretty serious ones, too.

And as the Master says, people like Rumi or Ibn Arabi were called saints only after they bested their Base Self on these grounds precisely.

Sufism: An Interview with Henry Bayman | Cafe Dissensus Everyday

If he had survived longer, his intention would have been to continue to call men to peace bayamn earth. My question is a little autobiographical. An American friend who is attached to another Sufi master: I never asked his disciples. We’re in the perfect physical body for Enlightenment, as we are, right now. With other religions there was no standard—each guru was unique and different from the others.

Before baymah came along, I tried my hand at that. Religion in Modern Islamic Discourse. I was slow to come to this realization, but once I did, I began thinking of recording his discourses.

Once I, too, began visiting Master Kayhan regularly, it dawned on bahman that he was taking an approach to Sufism that was different from anything I had encountered until then.