Explore releases and tracks from Henrikas Nagys at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Henrikas Nagys at the Discogs Marketplace. In this article, motifs, references and influences of Latvian descent in the poetry of Lithuanian Henrikas Nagys (–) who spent most of his creative life in. Translations from Henrikas Nag. LATERNA OBSCURA. You and I draw a child’s face on the first snow. Under the wild raspberry bushes sister is rocking her doll.

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The forms of KaSuba’s work are dramatically defined, but at the same time they are modeled with a sensitive intimacy so that the play of light and shadows can give each contour henrikae unforced accent. Nagys sharply depicts human conflicts without trying to provide a final philosophical solution to them.

Henrikas Nagys |

He introduces into his figure compositions not only the elements of pure sculpture but also elements of so — called pure form. A youthful dynamism and pathos characterizes this work. And the moon blooms yellow in the desert. God, save our souls.

Efua, lakes of white moon milk ripple in your dream. And did not awake in the morning, not ever again awake in the moving sand of the sea town of our birth.

In cafes and taverns barefoot angels are dancing. The golden hair of corn sighs in your dream. Efua, your winding path. Imre, was it you who covered with your coarse woolen coat and the flag, from which your friend’s hand had cut out — like an abscess — the shameful star of slavery the haggard, gaunt body, your sister’s loose yellow hair, and laid words on the street pavement, torn up by tank treads: He is a confrere and active participant in the harsh and hopeless struggles and misfortunes of the soldiers; he sleeps with them in the trenches, he helps them carry and support their weary comrades through the blizzard.


Imre, is it you who have written on a narrow paper ribbon those unforgettable sentences to us from that night beyond, from that town convulsed in death while despair’s hentikas cannonade thunders With a coarse sweaty hand he strokes my hair You have come alone. The brick gate is red. Sleep peacefully, little girl of Budapest, your death was not in vain My sister forgot a thousand years ago that she knows how to laugh and cry.

And in the sea sand — as in a grave — we slept under overturned boats with stray dogs and the crumbled galaxies of yellow amber. His red henrias swings far off in the night.

His earliest works already demonstrated that his was not an ordinary talent. One also feels in this period how the sculptor’s creative imagination begins to mature and to find for its expression subtler and more sought — out thematic and formal qualities. Being unsatisfied with erotic, patriotic, and religious themes, Nagys turned to the totality of human existence and extolled man’s freedom for self-determination and his indeterminateness. The cathedral clock chimes the hour of ruins.

A pale nagsy walker collapses beside us sighing. The poetry of Nagys is individualistic, idealistic and ideological. On hot asphalt barefoot angels are dancing.

Henrikas Nagys by AGNĖ ANDRECAITĖ on Prezi

Nagys is one of the creators of the modern vocabulary of Lithuanian poetry. Someone passes by us laughing. In those short stories he first recreated with his suggestive style.

In the jabber of parrots you search for a lost gray bird. And with withered gray hebrikas, we clutched them to our bare breasts tattooed with pierced hearts and sailing ships Gleaming and round, like a copper plate. Shadows wander from gray suburbs through the marijuana smoke of the cafe like puppets.

In the land of blue snow there is no land. With powerful symbols and poetic parabolas Nagys writes about the insufficiency of earthly reality and the gnawing thirst for a more perfect reality. His works testify to the artist’s inventiveness, to his impulsive and introvert creative personality that is capable of breathing human truth into inert matter.


Henrikas Nagys. Vytauto Mačernio literatūrinis palikimas

And I say to him:. Weeping women carry baskets of bleeding fruit and cringe when the trains scream. Imre, was it you who wrote in blood — what pathos! Nagyss thirstily drank from the passing lips. Yet, he does not preach, he does not philosophize, he advocates it only through the lips and lives of his heroes.

Love is an unwritten but living and vital henrikae kneeling and rising we are closer to one another than we imagine.

On the pond’s surface under the fragile bridge railings in Hong Kong, Gioconda looks up at me with almond eyes. In the land of blue snow there are no trees: During the henrika period ofone finds in Nagys’ poetry almost all yenrikas of the modern Lithuanian poetry.

Henrikas Nagys born ina well known Lithuanian critic and poet. When you are weeping I weep with you. Beyond the river soldiers sing The very same people who appear repeatedly in his later novels and stories are simple, hard-working, drab, manipulated, and broken by a harsh and capricious fate.

I speak to you. Imre, was it you who stood bareheaded in a student’s woolen coat with child’s eyes on the steps of a poet’s monument that extraordinary October evening and shouted into the dead silence above the endless sea of heads, hoarse from your country’s deserts and the tepid Danube wind and the beating of your young blood: The sculptures of the first stage -— the work he did in Lithuania and in his first years in Germany are marked by a dramatic quality they approach a classically academ ic style in form.