How to Make Your Marriage a Lifelong Love Affair What makes a woman fascinating to her husband? What is happiness in marriage for a woman? These are. The same year Betty Friedan’s Feminine Mystique rocked American households by defining the dissatisfactions of housewives, Helen Andelin. These are just two of the questions Helen B. Andelin answers in the bestselling classic that has already brought new happiness and life to millions of marriages.

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Feb 12, Natalie rated it did not like it. Andelin made many media appearances over the years.

This book is the marriage bible for ‘alt-right’ women, and it was written in

Stomp your foot, lift your chin high, andelln your shoulders, pout, put both hands on your hips, open you eyes wide, mumble under your breath, or turn and walk briskly away, then pause and look back over your shoulder. There are some things that need to be hated. December 2, by SamanthaField. In November, John F. When you order your world around women maintaining their worth and value through sex— which purity culture does, and Helen has done above— no matter how you try to word it, you will fail to make any substantive change.

Her response is hysterical: My church young women’s advisor. Nor should she have a say in the life of her family.

Having heleb all of that, I still think that it was worth the read. Apparently, you need to have been horribly skinny at one point in your adult life to do this. I have read it, and i am as transparant as a person can be. I started crying, and then I got really angry, and then I was crying again, and then I was stomping out of the apartment to go get a temporary filling from CVS. Honor, fidelity, integrity and genuine love can never, ever hhelen built upon a foundation of dishonesty.


The apparent need of the woman for care and protection, instead of arousing contempt for her lack of ability, appeals to the very noblest feelings within him. I want BOTH of us to strive to show love and appreciation for the other – it is a two way street. Jul 25, Spider the Doof Warrior marked it as will-stress-me-out Shelves: My husband calls any moment he gets available from work, he takes me to dates, he is a great father to our son, he never looks at other woman, and if i try to compare myself to others he refuses to listen.

The This book is widely misunderstood as a book on how to oppress women by making them a servant and doormat to their husbands. But Helen is only saying out loud what most of the people I knew actually believed— and still believe, in most cases.

A second silly suggestion is that you don’t wear “masculine” fabrics like denim or corduroy or herringbone. Browsing Tag Helen Andelin.

Fascinating Womanhood by Helen B. Andelin

But, we found a copy at our Montana cabin and have spent many summer evenings reading passages out loud and laughing our guts out. So, there you have it, all you women who work: The problem comes from the basic assumption of the chapter, which she explicitly states at the end: Anna May Berry of Mesa, Arizona. Partly because I know more than my husband about the space program.

After her proven success, Random House agreed to publish the book, and it remains in print today. Aug 14, Dawn rated it did not like it. Though put forward as an authoritative study, beyond teaching FW classes from her garage, Andelin has no professional background in psychology or marriage counseling. She based the classes and her book on a set of pamphlets that had been published in the s, called “Fascinating Womanhood. If this happens he will love her more.


Mostly the book makes me sad. Actually little of our work is unpleasant. Our culture values girlishness, childlikeness, and youthfulness in our personalities, our character, our behavior. Random House issued the latest edition of the book in February Weirdly enough, I know people who would probably enjoy this book in a nonironic way and agree with the importance of maintaining gender roles- likely because those individuals and the author are both Mormon which is likely why the phrase ‘Celestial Marriage’ pops up periodically As a woman who kills her own snakes not really sure why that phrase was used to symbolize independent woman, but oh wellthis book made me either chuckle or chuck it across the room, depending on where I was.

Swim naked through man of wars than follow the advice in this book and have a marriage like in this book. Sleeping Hermaphroditus by Bernini.

Helen Andelin

Unless women want to be weak, outwardly submissive, seemingly helpless, subtly manipulative, and encouraging of pedophilic tendencies in men. February 18, by SamanthaField. He thought my legitimate fear was hysterical, and it made him feel big and bad by comparison. Something you must wrap in cotton and store on a high shelf.

I am grateful to have a husband that I can discuss what I read with. A lot of people hate this book my mom and aunts used to make fun of this book when they were young and found it in my grandma’s book shelfbut I think there is a lot that I can learn anfelin it.